eFeature #2: Crossing the Cognitive Chasm: The Journey

eFeature #2: Crossing the Cognitive Chasm:
The Journey

By Peter Fingar
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Way back in 1993, when Hammer and Champy wrote "Reengineering the Corporation," the book launched the Business Process Reengineering (BPR) revolution. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems were all the rage, with large companies paying millions to consultants to “convert” to ERP systems, tearing down silos and integrating company functions into a meaningful whole. But that was yesterday, and yesterday gave way to Business Process Management (BPM) systems, “built to change” vs. a single “conversion” as in the early days of ERP. But today is today, and the advent of cognitive computing changes all, with those failing to adapt falling into the cognitive chasm .. a process we call “cognitive destruction.” So, what to do, what to do? 

Here we'll provide some strategic directions, starting with the fact that crossing the cognitive chasm isn’t an event, e.g. like installing/converting to an ERP system; it’s a journey! Step one: Get Smart (remember Mel Brooks’ television series by that title?). Not just you, but your entire organization, from bottom to top. Next comes assessment, and there are a number of organizations that provide the needed guidelines. Go after the most fruitful low hanging fruit, especially Customer Engagement. Then on to a new breed of prescriptive analytics, and on to cognitive supplemented BPM. And never forget Intel founder Andy Grove's advice in his book, "Only the Paranoid Survive," whose core message is that a company in pursuit of a stronger competitive advantage never rests.

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