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CogWorld eFeatures & Topics for 2017


eFeatures covering The Evolving Intelligent Enterprise
Crossing the Cognitive Chasm, Circa 2017
The Cognitive Computing Era is Here: Are You Ready?

Topics (calendar is underway)

Cognitive CRM
Cognitive BPM
Cognitive Harnessing of BIG Data
Cognitive Hadoop
Cognitive IOT
Cognitive Business Innovation
AI Impact on Society
AI Impact on Jobs
AI Adoption Strategies
Cognitive Creative Destruction
Taking on Fake News
Intelligent Assistants
Intelligent Vehicles Technologies

Enterprise use of Drones
Cognitive Business Transformation
Artificial General Intelligence - Oh My!
Nothing So Uncommon as Common Sense
Powering Cognitive Computing in the Cloud
AI in Finance
AI in Retailing
AI in Manufacturing
AI in Services
AI in Travel and Transportation
AI in Medicine
AI in Customer Service
AI in News, Publishing and Writing
AI in Aviation
AI in Email Spam Filtering 

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