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Crossing the Cognitive Chasm: The Journey 

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Cognitive Business Process Management (cBPM)

AI + Blockchain (aiBlockchain)

Machine Learning Bias

Cognitive Analytics

AI Shipping

AI Supply Chains

What Executives Need to Know about AI

AI for Cybersecurity

Affective Computing

AI for Customer Engagement


Chatbots for Business

AI for Society

AI for Democracy

AI vs Fake News

AI in Healthcare

AI in Research

Deep Learning

Ethical and Beneficial AI

AI and Employment

AI in Productivity

AI in Retailing

AI and Autonomous Weapons

AI and Autonomous Cars

AI and the CIO

AI in the Home

AI in the News Room

Human Centered AI

Amazon Go

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

AI and Emotional Intelligence

Affective computing (beyond sentience to intuition & emotions)

AI in Music

Open AI

AI for the Visually Impaired

Autonomous UAV’s and Drones

Free AI Courses

AI in Agriculture

AI Transforming Business

AI in the Boardroom

Quantum Computing & AGI

Smart Molecules (big pharma; oncology, etc.)

AI and green blockchain, edge computing, open data

Reinforcement learning (Google finally took the dive)

Self-programming systems

Sentient customer engagement

From narrow to general to super intelligence

AI in Law

Genomics and AI

Genealogy and AI

Black box vs. transparent AI

Wealth/Asset Management & AI

Cognitive Digital Twins

Collective Artificial Intelligence

Augmented Intelligence

AI: Nothing’s Changed (fundamental algorithm-wise) in 30 Years (except hardware speed)

IA (Intelligent Assistant), a low hanging fruit to digital transformation

The Master Algorithm

Digital Physics

Smart Cities


AI for Dating & Matchups

AI in Industries: Healthcare, Finance, Marketing, Retail and eCommerce, Legal, Travel, Transportation and Logistics, Media, Manufacturing, Education and Energy


Also, CogWorld reporters will interview leadership at companies applying AI in interesting and novel ways to gain competitive advantage.


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