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We're gaining traction;
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and get an average of 70,000 hits monthly.

Our official launch is March 15, 2018.

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Exposure (March-June): 700,000+
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Release & distribution of eFeature #2 is March 15th (our official launch)
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The COGNITIVE WORLD ecosystem involves:

  1. Luminaries & Thought Leaders including Vint Cerf, Tom Davenport, Irving Wladawsky, Doug Lenat and over 20+ others contributing content.
  2. AI solution providers featuring thought leadership articles and content covering use cases, demos, etc. 
  3. Enterprise buyers (the Fortune 1000 for example) featuring thought leadership articles and content covering case studies, success and failures (when willing).
  4. Partners that add value involving research, events and more (ask about specifics)
  5. All members have nodes (company profiles) ex: Deloitte

Through our partnership with, and a Field of Use license (for unbiased reinforcement learning), CogWorld will be powered by QAI for optimized engagement - enabling an intelligent self-organizing marketplace centered on AI transformation (CogWorld). 

  1. As we grow this AI ecosystem,members gain streamlined exposure and access to enterprise leaders at global organizations, management consulting firms, AI solution providers and our team of Luminaries & Thought Leaders.
  2. Submit bylined AI-specific member articles by your company's top thought leaders ~ for inclusion in our eFeatures for release in the hub, with distribution to our primarily organic, cultivated list of 20,000+ relevant individuals, well-amplified through social media.
  3. Your member node houses all forms of media, specific to enterprise AI solutions. Nodes are a great place to house use cases and case studies.
  4. We'll provide special product and service offerings from our partners for research, education/training, recruitment, custom content, events and much more.

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We aim to announce our collaboration with a Grammy and Emmy -winning film producer soon on an AI documentary series. This too is very exciting.. stay tuned!