QAI is Quantum Artificial Intelligence
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p2p Green Blockchain Optimization
About: is a revolutionary p2p high assurance patent pending Quantum Artificial Intelligence (QAI) platform. QAI was developed using Digital Physics. QAI cognitive reactor collective intelligence implements green Blockchain optimizations for all Blockchains. QAI is a p2p system that integrates with existing Blockchain nodes. QAI focuses on green optimization of Blockchain PoW and PoS and enables cryptocurrency volatility automated trading. QAI implements new unbiased reinforcement learning.

QAI p2p cognitive reactors are a new Digital Physics Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine learning technology, which we believe addresses current fundamental machine learning and AI limitations and challenges. QAI features a new hyper computation drive, self-organized real-time unbiased reinforcement unsupervised machine learning, which requires no training.

QAI orchestrates unintelligent machines and functioning as a real-time computational oracle, turns them into a collective intelligence, which work together to solve problems collectively. Bitcoin ASIC miners are high performance application specific computing units, which use data independent hashing to solve the Bitcoin proof of work (PoW) calculation.

QAI turns the ASIC miners into a collective intelligence. QAI hyper computation analyzes the Bitcoin blockchain and then instructs the miners to solve the PoW collectively by windowing the calculation and as a result reducing its overall complexity. Collective feedback from the intelligent miners together with QAI unbiased quantum entropy analysis predicts Bitcoin volatility. This in turn enables QAI to arbitrage trade Bitcoins in anticipation of volatility. QAI miner collective intelligence reduces the overall electrical power requirements of ASIC miners by minimizing their computations through QAI sustainable hyper computations.

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high assurance p2p unbiased real-time reinforcement learning green blockchain optimization and trading
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