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1717 North Naper Blvd #200
Naperville, IL 60563
Toll Free: (888) 501-5580
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Alexandria VA (571) 421-1076
Austin TX (737) 212-9210
Chicago IL (630) 560-4412
Seattle WA (425) 728-8991
San Francisco CA (650) 351-7701
Company Purpose:
NextGen Global Executive Search is a retained search firm that recruits “high impact” corporate executives and functional leaders in artificial intelligence / augmented reality, aerospace power systems / UAVs, cyber security / cyber warfare, industrial automation / IIoT, medical devices / EMR, mobile/ wireless/ IoT.

Our retained search is in filling executive jobs. NextGen focuses on identifying and placing candidates who will EXCEED your expectations after the hire. Our retention rate is 93% still there after 3.5 years of hire. When you need help with finding the right candidate for your leadership role, contact a recruiter at NextGen Global.

Executive Search Solutions include Onboarding Tools..

With each placement we make, we deliver custom onboarding tools that include a personal action planner with a mentoring and coaching roadmap for the new hire. This helps to ensure quick assimilation into your culture / team, fast productivity, and longer retention. With offices in Chicago IL, San Francisco CA, Seattle WA, Austin TX , Alexandria VA, St. Louis MO, and Daytona Beach FL, we are able to assist clients in North America, Europe, and APAC with a global reach.  We have provided executive search solutions placing new hires for both domestic and overseas roles who have multi-cultural business experience, read/write several languages, and above all have a capitalistic work ethic with an entrepreneurial mindset.   

NextGen approach..
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Executive Search Solutions that Deliver..

As a potential client, you may be asking how NextGen Global can find the right talent for your company every time? After all, each business and client base is different, and every department needs a different team and type of leader. NextGen makes it possible to provide executive search solutions that streamline the recruiting and assessment process to find the right passive candidates every time while doing so with straight forward success based fees.

With our award-winning Leadership Vault search method, you can be confident in NextGen’s ability to identify, recruit, and secure the right “A” players for you. We recognize the important work each of our clients do, and our mission is to provide executive search services that recruit those who will help turn your business into a vibrant community by executing their jobs more skillfully and efficiently than your competition.
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