Optimize the Journey to AI Transformation

Optimize the journey to AI transformation

COGNITIVE WORLD is a think tank, ecosystem and marketplace for AI transformation. In optimizing the journey to AI transformation, we aim to match up top AI solution providers with enterprise buyers, globally. We'll unveil our new knowledge graph (hub) website soon. In the meantime, explore hundreds of articles here on CogWorld demonstrating the unprecedented value AI is delivering today, in the near future and beyond. Visit our FORBES Contributor Group site. 

Want to get up to speed fast?

This unique AI book is by our very own Peter Fingar.. The Cognitive Internet of Everything. Most such books are hundreds of pages long and aimed mostly at techies. This book serves those of you that want to stay abreast on AI yet don't have sufficient time to read so much these days. 

Cognitive Internet of Everything

Who needs to know about the world changing nature of Artificial Intelligence? Everyone! That’s why so much effort went into making this a most concise, yet fully potent exploration of AI as it affects People, Things, Data and Process. To keep it short, I’ll let Dr. Tom Davenport’s Foreword give you the main ideas:

“Peter Fingar is a fun guy, which isn’t an attribute I would use to describe most people in the information technology field. But who else would publish a picture book about the intersection of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things? Okay, it’s not exactly just pictures—more like a series of infographics—and there are word-based captions on the pages too. But if it takes you more than an hour or so to get through the book you are definitely taking too long.

What will you get for your brief investment of time? Well, the book includes:

  • A series of interesting factoids about the rapid pace of change in information technology—memorize a few and use them to astound your boss or your cocktail party companions
  • Undeniable evidence that we need AI—or cognitive systems if you prefer—to make sense of all the data that is being generated every second
  • A call to action—for you as an individual to get up to speed on these issues, and for organizations to embrace this revolution or go out of business.

That’s a far greater ratio of insights to time investment than most books provide. So, stop reading this foreword and get on with the fun pictures!" —Thomas H. Davenport, Distinguished Professor, Babson College; Research Fellow, MIT; Senior Advisor, Deloitte, Author of Competing on Analytics and The AI Advantage

Check it out.

Dr. Rob Walker, Pegasystems

Here's a powerful highlight from Pegaworld 2019: 

AI technologies can drive unprecedented business benefits: making intelligent decisions at scale, monetizing huge volumes of data, and jump-starting revenues – all while delighting customers. But as AI’s scope increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to ensure that it will behave ethically. Building on the theme of trusted AI, Dr. Rob Walker from Pega will explore how intelligent software can be used to empower empathy within a company’s engagement program, aiding the development of more sustainable, mutually-beneficial customer relationships. Here, Rob demonstrates how an organization with the commitment to constantly evolve, and the discipline to enforce ethical guidelines, can achieve tremendous results using a more humane, AI-driven engagement model.

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