Lisa Wood

Lisa Wood has been in media for close to two decades; molecular engineering based on novel science and technology for one decade; and has held deep interest and a stake in novel artificial intelligence to varying degrees over the last 2 decades, Overlap included.

Peter Fingar

Peter Fingar, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief, is an author of 26 best-selling books, most recently Cognitive Computing, a Brief Guide for Game Changers. Peter has delivered…

Kiran Garimella

Kiran Garimella, PhD, co-founder and columnist, is a former CIO and Chief Architect at GE, with an extensive background in software engineering, a Ph.D. in AI/ML, and a strong foundation in data analytics, statistics, and operations research. Dr. Garimella is a global speaker and management consultant, and understands how to align and integrate business, analytics, and IT functions. He is the a…