Lisa Wood

Lisa Wood has been in media for close to two decades; molecular engineering based on novel science and technology for one decade; and has held deep interest and a stake in novel artificial intelligence to varying degrees over the last 2 decades, Overlap included. A big business media veteran, Lisa's interest in AI over the past two decades is what spawned the inception of Cognitive World, well aligned with her media expertise. Throughout the mid and late 90’s, Lisa produced many of the largest and most successful IT-focused custom content productions ever to appear in FORTUNE, and a decade later, BusinessWeek. Simultaneously, Lisa supported the R&D and application of a novel self-organizing connectionless network platform applied to molecular engineering and drug discovery for over a decade. More recently, in addition to co-founding Cognitive World, Lisa's interest in AI involves support of the development and commercialization of a novel swarm artificial intelligence technology platform featuring ubiquitous embedded collective operation where many heterogeneous systems seamlessly work together using artificial intelligence. More to come..