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Print Posted by Kyield on 02/22/2017 in Cognitive Technologies

Hum Cat (prevention of human-caused crises)


The Hum Cat (Human Catastrophes) product and functionality is available with a certified installation of the Kyield OS.  We coined the term after the Nat Cat (Natural Catastrophes) insurance product and related research and practices in prevention, mitigation and risk transfer.

The Kyield OS combined with state-of-the-art algorithmics provides the opportunity to prevent the super majority of major crises, representing the highest possible return on investment for organizations unless creating the next Apple or Google. 

Examples severe crises include the following:

  • 9/11 ($10tn+)

  • Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant ($250-500bn)

  • DeepWater Horizon ($62bn to BP) 

  • Costa Concordia ($2bn) 

  • VW emission ($20bn+) 

  • Takata air bag ($25bn+)

In addition to rare large events that contain existential risk, routine small events can compound over time to reduce productivity, R&D efficiency, innovation, and relevancy. We are currently extending behavioral prevention to cyber defense.

A personal assistant (DANA - Digital Assistant Neuroanatomical Analytics) provides a simple to use interface, which can be integrated with voice bots. The quality of intelligence in the data fed to the voice bots is of course what determines the quality of the output, which is why DANA is critical.

The Kyield OS is transparent and trustworthy with incentives that reinforce missions aligned with that of the organization. When an anomaly is discovered the system automatically alerts multiple predetermined corporate officials in a confidential manner appropriate for high-level security risks. Due to insider threats and the highly specific requirements of the Kyield OS, strict certification is required in order to achieve the full financial benefits through third parties.

In our bundled scenario proposal the customer should enjoy risk-adjusted pricing for insurance and debt while benefiting from higher productivity and continuous adaptability based on data intelligence offering far more integrity than any previous distributed network. The customer is expected to benefit from sharply lowered risk, much improved operations, and improved reputation with customers, partners and regulators.

The Hum Cat by Kyield is available separately on a cost plus bonus basis for captured prevention modeled and pre-approved by independent third party experts. The Hum Cant can also be negotiated in a bundle with insurance, reinsurance and/or insurance linked securities (ILS) to provide significantly more value and protection. In total on average the Kyield OS is estimated to provide approximately 75% of the combined value and insurance coverage provides about 25% of the value package. 

The Hum Cat is currently only available to mid-sized to large organizations or potentially associations of SMEs. Each organization and/or association has a unique risk profile that must be negotiated individually.

Please contact Kyield founder and CEO Mark Montgomery for more information.

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