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Print Posted by Kimera Systems on 12/07/2016 in Cognitive Technologies

Kimera Systems Introduces Nigel


Nigel™ Artificial General Intelligence

By envisioning the essence of intelligence as a principle of quantum mechanics, Kimera Systems has successfully created Nigel – a single-algorithm, machine-based AGI capable of comprehending any domain. Nigel transforms the internet from a passive system of interconnections into a proactive, intelligent global network. Kimera’s Nigel AGI technology will change the way apps are conceived and digital services are delivered, ending dependencies on app stores and Over-The-Top (OTT) services. With Nigel, a multitude of businesses will transform their approach to a marketplace that will be vastly different and more profitable.

Kimera’s General Theory of Intelligence

Until now, six decades of AGI research focused on creating a machine with the intellect of a human, or a machine that could complete any “intellectual task,” yet all this industry R&D has produced little or no progress. To Kimera, the purpose of performing a task is not the task itself, but increasing the probability of achieving an envisioned future. From Kimera’s perspective, intelligence is about predicting which tasks deliver desired outcomes.

Introducing Nigel

As an artificial general intelligence technology, Nigel represents a new approach that fuses together a broad range of hard and soft sensor data, resulting in continuous observation, moment-to-moment contextual awareness and soon, complete comprehension. Nigel applies what it understands to real-world situations, learning about each user’s goals and proactively offering assistance in achieving them.

Rather than rely upon a centralized “brain” or knowledge bank, Nigel learns through an ever-growing neural network with nodes that can extend to any type of connected device and across any domain. Nigel is engineered to leverage the existing computing power on smartphones and can be easily scaled to very large user populations. As more people use Nigel-enabled apps and devices, Nigel’s understanding of concepts accelerates, allowing the technology to recognize user needs based on location, calendar and contact entries, time of day, environments, IoT devices and any other kind of sensor data.

The New General Intelligence Economy

The Nigel Artificial General Intelligence technology will fuel an explosion in peer-to-peer transactions, bringing about a greater transformation in global business than even the internet. Nigel technology transforms the internet from a passive system of interconnections into a proactive, intelligent global network.

Nigel and Developers

Nigel provides the right information at the right time to each and every user. Developers and content providers using Nigel APIs can have their information automatically delivered to the user, without people having to discover and install a native app from an OS app store. Integrating Nigel means content will be discovered, personalized and delivered to the right device, without any user intervention.

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