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Print Posted by Kyield on 02/26/2017 in Cognitive Technologies

Kyield Health Management Platform


The Kyield healthcare platform builds upon the Kyield OS for patient-centric health management across the managed network. The platform includes a CKO Engine for system governance and compliance, modules for each organization and professional involved in the case, and modules for each individual from which holistic health management is optimized. 

Prevention was a priority function in the design of the Kyield OS, which is extended to the healthcare platform. Most patients will need insurance, therapy and a some may participate in disease management and trials for new therapies. In addition, we have a broader societal need to share anonymized data for the purposes of advancing research. The Kyield OS empowers individuals to manage these and any other relationship for managing patient health. 

Kyield offers proprietary security and currency for those who choose to exchange data in jurisdictions where it is allowed. Kyield makes no claim of ownership or ability to broker data unless explicitly requested by patients typically due to incentives to patients and/or motivation to advance research. Kyield's position is that patient data should be owned and controlled by the patient as it represents and reflects one's body and health so ownership and control of health data is therefore a fundamental human right for all individuals. Kyield's policy reflects that position unless regulatory requires otherwise.

The ability to optimize health and wellness with a focus on prevention and accelerated therapies allows for a much needed positive revolution in health prevention and healthcare economics. We published a use case scenario in 2010 that provided a then futuristic look into the possibilities. While the focus of the paper is a diabetes patient within the confines of the ACA, most of the functionality included in the scenario is now technically viable. Kyield has since engaged with scenarios in several areas including biomarker discovery, real-time diagnostics R&D, early stage real-time therapeutics and accelerated discovery towards cures. 


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