Natural Language Processing

Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing

CogWorld Corporate Member Article | Coseer | By Praful Krishna ~ The first artificial neural networks were developed in the 1960s, when The Beatles and The Rolling Stones topped the charts. But it is only in the last 10 years that advances in computational power and big data have made them useful enough to pique the interest of the business community.

Coseer awarded Best Intelligent Workflow Technology

We are thrilled that Coseer has been judged as the Best Intelligent Workflow Technology in US for the year by Capital Finance Institute. The Editorial Panel writes:

Providing superpowers to repetitive and predictable workflows via tactical cognitive software allows companies to free-up valuable staff time in order that workers may concentrate on creative tasks and exercise judgment at crucial junctions. Confined and entrusted to technology, routine tasks – the bane of many a professional – are effectively outsourced.

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