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Mentor InSight Debuts World’s First Trophy Award Created by a Robot at Lionbridge v2#AIShowBiz Event

By Molly Lavik ~ AIShowBiz | Mentor InSight today announced the world’s first trophy designed by a robotic “synthetic being” titled the ArtIEEs (Artificial Intelligence and Entertainment Excellence) Award. The award will be presented at the 2nd annual v2#AIShowBiz event celebrating the latest innovations, strategies and predictions for the emerging AI/entertainment industry on January 16, 2018 in Hollywood at IgnitedSpaces.

AIShowBiz Event, World’s First Summit Dedicated to Intersection of AI & Entertainment Returns to Hollywood January 2018

By Molly Lavik ~ Mentor InSight presents Lionbridge v2#AIShowBiz event, the world’s first summit dedicated to the intersection of AI and entertainment returns to Hollywood January 2018. Cyber Monday deal now available for 2nd annual day-long summit gathering of top executives from IBM, Paramount Pictures, Microsoft, Deloitte Digital plus AI-focused Hollywood directors, investors and many others.
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