The study of human populations. It is an important tool in the Futurist's toolbox, as broad characteristics of human life cycles and migratory patterns can have a significant impact upon trends.

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Introduction Today, we are no longer confined to what nature or natural intelligence must offer. From the steam engine to electricity and digital transformations to artificial intelligence, molecular manufacturing and bioengineering, each new transformative innovation has brought us a new (man-made) way of doing things in ways that nature did not provide for. As new ways of manufacturing and production are emerging, they are taking away an ever-increasing number of tasks and roles previously performed by…

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In 1991, authors and sociologists William Strauss and Neil Howe published Generations (updated in 1997 with The Fourth Turning) where they argued the idea of Generational Theory — the notion that there were distinct cohorts throughout history that shared characteristics and values. These cohorts, going through different phases of their life, determined turnings that identified pivotal periods in history, with cohorts having a cycle of 18-20 years, and turnings taking place over an 80-year cycle. One of…