Introduction to MediaMaestro

MediaMaestro aims to make the world a safer place by reducing risk and improving intelligence through the use of superior technology.

MediaMaestro is an anti-terrorism threat detection platform that fuses the analysis of video, media and big data.

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CogWorld to deliver optimized engagement with QAI

COGNITIVE WORLD and are partnering. Through a Field of Use license CogWorld will be powered by QAI for optimized engagement within its growing ecosystem of buyers and sellers of artificial intelligence solutions.

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PegaWorld 2017: AI in Customer Engagement - Balancing Risk and Reward

In his PegaWorld keynote, Dr. Rob Walker, Pegasystems VP of Decision Management and Analytics, will discuss both the potential and risks of Artificial Intelligence.

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Jia Li (Google) ~ Why democratizing AI matters: Computing, data, algorithms, and talent Jia Li (Google) ~ Why democratizing AI matters: Computing, data, algorithms, and talent Tags:Jia Li, Google, democratizing AI Source:Jia Li, Google, Democratizing AI

As content in the COGNITIVE WORLD knowledge hub increases with growth of its member-based ecosystem uploading all forms of media to their nodes (profiles), and CogWorld experts gain knowledge about the state of AI in the enterprise, optimized engagement will be powered by Heatseeker, and later, QAI.

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Social Impact and Ethics of AI: Steve Omohundro

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Published on Mar 20, 2017

The Hive Annual Summit 2017: “AI & the Future of Business”.

You can watch all fireside chats and talks from The Hive Summit on this YouTube channel (HiveMumble)

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