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AI Dealmakers ~ Optimize the Journey to AI Transformation


AI transformation

COGNITIVE WORLD is a knowledge hub, ecosystem and marketplace for dealmakers involved in AI transformation.


Knowledge Hub: Our 50+ thought leader contributors (many are well-known) are involved in artificial intelligence in diverse ways, in a full range of depths. They contribute to CogWorld to bring value to business leaders through articles and Q&A's, and soon, speaking engagements, consulting and much more. 

      Value to members..
     - Business leaders gain access to credible, relevant content, experts, vendors
     - Solution providers gain access to buyers with aligned expectations
     - Credible platform for self-publishing thought leadership content, use cases, +
     - Content marketing platform specific to AI (social media and beyond)
     - Corporate members' DynamicHUBs provide relevant access to their content


Ecosystem: We're probing, educating and engaging business leaders (enterprise buyers), solution providers (sellers), and partners (in research, analytics, education, events, recruitment, media, etc.).

      Value to members.. 
     - Optimized engagement
     - Access to AI experts and other 
     - Special deals with our partners and other members

Marketplace: We'll begin by offering services and solutions by our partners, and then our solution providers.

      Value to members..
     - Business leaders can make purchases to advance their journey
     - Partners and solution providers gain access to informed buyers

Much more to come; visit often

We'll optimize engagement with self-organizing AI (stealth now; more on this for predictive analytics).