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  • C-Level Dealmaker Event Series Participation

  • CogWorld members’ Quarterly C-Level Q&A with one of our thought leader contributors

  • Prime Content Positioning throughout CogWorld

  • Corporate DynamicHUB - 10 users

  • Marketplace Priority

  • CogWorld Content Marketing (of articles, research, case studies, member's DynamicHUB)

  • Syndicated Content Push (more on this to come)

  • eFeature Coverage (newsletters to up to 20k+; general and dedicated)

  • Content Generation (case studies, use cases+)

  • Event Participation (speaking engagements+)

  • Data Acquisition (member+ surveys and more)

  • Targeted Optimized Engagement

  • Special deals, discounts and additional Marketplace benefits to come

  • Predictive Analytics (to come when CogWorld’s self-organizing AI chip is integrated)


CogWorld accepts no ads for a reason. We reserve the right to modify certain member content to preserve relevance, and avoid hype and sales oriented material. Encouraged: all self-published material should be crafted from a thought leadership perspective


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The DynamicHUB badge designates a Premium Member's corporate DynamicHUB where their content is dynamically accessed by CogWorld users. 


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Crossing the Cognitive Chasm: The Journey

Crossing the Cognitive Chasm: The Journey
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