Interactive Embedded Visualizations

CogWorld partner iKnowCentral's interactive embedded visualizations capabilities involve representations of deep taxonomies and much more.

iKnowCentral is CogWorld's co-founder Dr. Kiran Garimella's company. iKnowCentral also creates abstraction layers for corporate APIs that allow companies to consume cognitive capabilities in a vendor-agnostic way, thus helping vendors and clients connect optimally with minimal overhead.

More to come on this!

Visualize this landscape (of AI in law) interactively. Hover over any node with your mouse for a popup of a brief description; click on any node to center it; zoom in/out with the mouse wheel; hold left mouse button down and drag to pan:

Sunburst interactive embedded visualization example of machine learning algorithm classification:

Panel interactive embedded visualization example of Blockchain application categories:

Stay tuned.. there's much more to come on these capabilities for CogWorld members!