Can AI be a better salesperson than your existing salesforce?

AI in sales


By Naveen Joshi  |  July 17, 2018
Naveen Joshi is founder and CEO of Allerin, which develops engineering and technology solutions focused on optimal customer experiences

Will AI replace your existing salesforce? What does - AI to increase sales – mean for your business? How effective will it be? This blog post sets out to answer such queries.

AI is everywhere and it has been getting a lot of attention the past few years. But, why so much buzz around this technology? Well, the reason are its features. AI is a branch of computer science that creates machines that can act smarter than humans without being programmed explicitly. From SIRI to purchase recommendations to chatbots to self-driving cars, AI seems like science fiction taking over our daily lives. Recent research states, “Research firm Markets and Markets estimates that the AI market will grow from $420 million in 2014 to $5.05 billion by 2020.” This highlights the rate at which the AI industry is growing. Thanks to various sectors such as retail, healthcare, military, and manufacturing, for adopting AI, thereby extending the benefits of the technology to everyone. And now AI is on its way to increase sales. AI’s bleeding edge is data, and the sales sector collects tons of it. So, AI to increase sales should not astonish you, right?

AI to increase sales

85 percent of all customer interactions with the enterprise won’t involve another human by 2020.” We are going to see path-breaking AI innovation in the coming years. Shared below are ways that AI can increase sales productivity:

AI in sales
  • Leads - Finding a legitimate lead amongst tons of leads is difficult. Your salesforce undoubtedly has more important taks than that to perform. Using predictive analytics, AI can help the sales sector predict the right lead that could then be converted into a cutomer successfully. Loren Baker, the member of Forbes Agency Council, says “AI bots and other AI solutions will better pre-qualify inbound leads and assist with customer retention. Chatbots and messenger bots can lead the lead or concerned user down a path that lets the sales team know exactly what they need from a lead [qualification] perspective.”One of the best examples is “Harley-Davidson used Artificial Intelligence to Increase New York Sales Leads by 2,930%.”
  • Employee - AI is not meant for replacing your employees. It can aid employees in the sales process by providing answers to emails, monitoring leads, and determining the ideal sales funnel strategy.
  • Macro Factors - To be successful at the sales practice, you cannot solely determine and act on parameters within your organization. You must focus on factors outside the walls of your company, identify the macro factors, and perform your job holistically. It is difficult to determine the uncontrollable factors, but AI can address this issue easily. AI can predict the macro factors and help strategize accordingly.

Future of sales with AI

With AI, the future of sales is bright. It can provide the field of sales with the following benefits:

  • Declutter sales data for meaningful insights
  • Offer access to relevant customer data during the sales process
  • Optimize decisions regarding the closing times and rates with actionable insights instead of making intuitive choices

AI will not replace your existing salesforce. Instead, AI will take over the tedious and boring jobs that are currently on your salesforce’s plate.