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Predicting Hospitalization: Machine Learning Models On The Rise

Introduction Machine learning models are on the rise. This is due to their potential for advanced predictive analytics, which is creating many new opportunities for healthcare. From models that can predict chronic ailments like heart diseases or acute diseases like infections and intestinal disorders, the capability of machine learning to predict infectious as well as non-communicable diseases is on its way to delivering considerable benefits to doctors and hospitals. This is transformative as, over the… more

Delivering Business Value Through AI To Impact Top Line, Bottom Line And Unlock ROI

As is the case with investments in any other area of technology, AI needs to deliver demonstrable impact to business top line and bottom line. In today’s competitive landscape of business, enterprises are expected to measure the incremental ROI for every expense and every investment made – technology or otherwise. The case of Artificial Intelligence is no different. It is critical that technology and business leaders demand ROI impact for this technology in order to foster its growth and justify its… more

Imagine A Facebook Without Facebook: How A.I. Will Soon Disrupt Social Media

There is an episode in Black Mirror, the popular Netflix series, in which the scariness of today’s social media comes to life. We are used to hearing slogans from tech companies such as “Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.” Sounds innocuous enough, right? But as the main character discovers firsthand in the Nosedive episode, platforms designed to enhance social affiliation can be perverted to exaggerate our worst human impulses. To understand how social media could be used… more

AI's Increasing Strategic Importance with Governments

Many governments are seeing strategic value in artificial intelligence and are looking to incorporate machine learning and cognitive technologies to help deliver effective citizen services. Both local and national governments see AI as an economic driver but it will also have an impact on the workforce. With governments can leverage advanced intelligent technologies to enhance government services many current struggles of governments, such as budget and resource contracts, can be addressed. Public Sector… more

The Race To Mine Space

Introduction As our planet contends with resource scarcity, a potential solution can be found by traversing the great unknown -- outer space. Metals, minerals and energy sources have been found to exist in near-infinite quantities within our solar system, and political and commercial interest in space mining is growing as the concept is increasingly becoming realistic and achievable. In 2017, a feasibility study by Laszlo Kestay, a research geologist at the U.S. Geological Survey's Astrogeology Science… more

Life 3.0 and Biohacking: Rewriting Human Life in the Digital Age

​​I. Setting the Stage Healthcare is a rare bird. We can neither disregard it nor make it cheap, simple and safe (Fernandez et al., 2012). In fact, we globally spend more than 10% of the GDP in healthcare and about $1,000 per capita every year (World Health Organization, 2018). But this is not the whole story: approved drugs halve every 9 years (i.e., Eroom’s Law); population aged over 60 years is expected to grow by 56% over the next ten years (TM Capital, 2017); the workforce to meet patients demand is… more

What's on the Horizon for AI and Blockchain? An Interview with Barbara Bickham of WIFAX

At the Future of Blockchain and DLT Technology panel at this year's Crypto Invest Summit (CIS), Barbara Bickham made a prediction: "In 2 years, when the quantum computer is more prevalent, nodes of blockchains will live there," she explains. "This will allow for more security since a quantum computer is near impossible to hack. Also, this will give blockchains instant scalability, allowing them to be faster than they are now." She also predicted that AI's role in the future of blockchain will be two-fold… more

Is This Real Or Just Fantasy? Establishing Truth And Trust In AI Solutions

Do You Trust a Machine?  Like most things in life, the answer is probably: “it depends.” We would probably trust a machine to maintain room temperature, find us a restaurant, or even fly a plane. But how about provide healthcare services? Or drive a car? One of the most fundamental values of doing business and providing value to customers is trust, and artificial intelligence is the most-heavily debated technology regarding ethical concerns and related trust issues. That’s why truth and trust in… more

Ontologies: Borrow, Build or Buy

Semantics provides a way of defining the languages that you use for describing your business or organizational processes, for describing domains of knowledge, and for managing processes and resources at a global level. Central to this is the concept of an ontology - a specific data model (or set of interconnected models) that serve to provide the metadata to accomplish those semantics. I'm not, in this article, going to talk about what exactly an ontology is (cf. link to ontology article). For now, it's… more

Trends Towards A Smart Future

Introduction Smart technology is on its way challenging, convincing and converting the human ecosystem in cyberspace, aquaspace, geospace and space (CAGS). As smart technology today enables humans in many ways to define and determine our ecosystem beyond CAGS, it is essential to understand and evaluate its impact on nations in the coming tomorrow. Today, smart technology drives smartphones, smart cars, smart homes, smart grids, smart infrastructure, smart cities, and the like. As a result, the smart… more