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Contributors Articles

The 21st century would be the “century of complexity” (Hawking, 2000) I. Setting the stage The IoT and consumer hardware industry have seen multiple failures and a few exits over the last 12–18 months (while the B2B side has been doing a bit better overall) and some criticism has been recently made to the industry to slow down. In spite though of the current push back, the sector is still increasing and attracting capital and talents. Clearly, there are multiple reasons as to why this is the case, but I… more
Hessie Jones is a Reporter from Toronto, and is a CoFounder of ArCompany

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Hessie Jones is a Reporter from Toronto, and is a CoFounder of ArCompany

This is Part I of a two-part series of my interview with Kimera Systems, an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) technology company that is challenging our current systems: our global economic model, how we currently use digital, and how that has to change for a collective path forward. Today, we are witnessing an unrelenting turbulence in technology, concurrent with the human-induced threats to our planet and ultimately humanity. The opportunities to drive progress beyond this world are bound by the… more
Neil Sahota (萨冠军) is an IBM Master Inventor, United Nations (UN) Artificial Intelligence (AI) subject matter expert, and Professor at UC Irvine.

By Neil Sahota  |  October 10, 2018  |  Source: CogWorld on FORBES “Our technology, our machines, is part of our humanity,” author, computer scientist, and inventor Ray Kurzweil once said. “We created them to extend ourselves, and that is what is unique about human beings.” In the past few years, there has been considerable discussion around the idea we are slowly merging with our technology, that we are becoming transhuman, with updated abilities, including enhanced intelligence, strength and awareness… more

By Sameer Dhanrajani  |  October 9, 2018  |  Source: CogWorld on FORBES We are well and truly in the midst of the AI revolution. Research houses, academicians, think tanks, business and technology leaders all agree upon the significant value waiting to be unlocked through the positive and progressive use of Artificial Intelligence by re-engineering the old and envisioning the new. According to research by Gartner, organizations using cognitive ergonomics and system design in new artificial intelligence… more

By Kate Levchuk  |  October 5, 2018  |  CogWorld on FORBES As artificial intelligence is entering all spheres of our lives, a lot of concern is arising about the possible white bias and patriarchy of the impending AI world. Research shows women are much more skeptical of and averse to innovation in comparison to men who embrace and trumpet it. This fear of technological innovation has to do with the fact that society often views the role of women as replaceable by AI, which is visible in the abundance of… more
Kurt Cagle is an author, information architect and editor specializing in data science and information management. He lives in Issaquah, WA.

By Kurt Cagle  |  September 26, 2018  |  Source: CogWorld on FORBES In 1991, authors and sociologists William Strauss and Neil Howe published Generations (updated in 1997 with The Fourth Turning) where they argued the idea of Generational Theory — the notion that there were distinct cohorts throughout history that shared characteristics and values. These cohorts, going through different phases of their life, determined turnings that identified pivotal periods in history, with cohorts having a cycle of 18-… more

By Chuck Brooks  |  September 27, 2018  |  Source: CogWorld on FORBES Emerging technologies are already affecting how we live and work. They're also changing how we approach, plan and integrate security operations. With the advent of artificial intelligence, robotics, quantum computing, the Internet of Things, augmented reality, materials science, 3-D printing, and data analytics, the security industry is being transformed. Certainly, we are living in an era where innovation, agility and imagination are… more

By Thomas Seoh  |  September 28, 2018  |  Source:  CogWorld on FORBESThomas Seoh is CEO of Kinexum, a life sciences strategic advisory firm providing guidance on regulatory, clinical and other translational matters for life science product development. The pace of acceleration in the past several years in AI seems to be starting to climb the exponential part of the “S” curve. From playing Go, to translating one human language into another, to predicting and attempting to compose hit tunes, to… more
Calum Chace is an author and speaker on artificial intelligence that writes about how AI will change pretty much everything about being human. Calum’s books include ”The Economic Singularity" and ”Surviving AI." 

By Calum Chace |  September 29, 2018  |  Source: CogWorld on FORBES “It was Facebook wot dunnit.” Select the unpleasantness of your choice, and Facebook is almost certainly being blamed for it by someone, and probably a lot of someones. Also in the dock are YouTube and Twitter, with Instagram and Snapchat lurking about, keeping their heads down and hoping that nobody notices them. The charge sheet is long. Facebook and the other social media have shortened our attention spans, leaving us easy prey to… more