Magnify Relationships to Make the Haystack Disappear

Magnify Relationships to Make the Haystack Disappear

By John Merrihew, Veloxiti  |  August 7, 2018

Revolutionary Cognitive Solutions Development Stack for the Enterprise

It is not a matter of when or if – but how cognitive technologies can be commercially developed, integrated, and maintained for stronger artificial intelligence capabilities. A leader in cognitive engine technology, Veloxiti is now providing their tools to educate potential partners and build a user ecosystem.   

Veloxiti’s cognitive solutions development stack will help educate and increase buyer awareness as to what is required to build powerful intelligent systems. Artificial intelligence development teams require mature tools to build powerful enterprise systems that can understand both computer and human behaviors, but billion-dollar commercial consulting firms promising cognitive solutions applications simply do not own tools nor the expertise to integrate critical cognitive intelligence across an organization.

The release of Veloxiti’s tools represents decades of investments conducted by the defense community. Explore Veloxiti’s award-winning cognitive engine development stack by visiting.. Magnify relationships to make the haystack disappear.

vAnalytics™is built on top of open source streaming data standards. This tool is the first to use code generation techniques to automatically create/recreate endpoint interfaces saving days in development work and keeping critical systems connected. vAnalytics™ is used to unite complex data streams to make cognitive analytics possible.  

vStudio™is a knowledge graphing environment where developers extract models from text, engineer models into executable graphs, and test graph operations in real-time. vStudio™ employs a multi-graph approach to properly represent both problems and solutions. Their multi-graph knowledge contains information about its environment such as people, objects, places, or even behaviors, much like human observers form mental models about their world.

vCognition™is a cognitive engine algorithm that traverses their multi-graph framework. Their extremely fast graph engine mimics thinking processes much like a human at very high frequency. The engine can manipulate its graph so as to reorganize and optimize its model of the environment. This adaptive behavior allows the system to monitor data, analyze inputs, plan about the world, and act in rapidly changing environments.   

vHumanMetrics™is an additional tool used to monitor and report on human interaction in a digital domain. Its primary use is to monitor human workforce deficiencies across an organization, creating a workforce efficiency score. Combined with the full cognitive technology stack customers can locate constraints and optimize human output with recommendations or action, providing new capabilities to dynamic industries.  

If your business is interested adding scientifically recognized cognitive technology to existing tools or utilizing a certified cognitive engine development stack, contact Velocity. They have an established artificial intelligence and integration engineering team originally formed to research pilot aiding software for advanced military aircraft applications. With over two decades of tool innovation and systems evaluation, Veloxiti’s cognitive engine development stack has been successfully tested across broad applications.

In a new strategy, the company is now offering their cognitive solutions development stack for application outside the military space.