What is Tactical Cognitive Computing

Get tactical

By Praful Krishna, Coseer  

Tactical Cognitive Computing brings the advanced sciences of cognitive computing to general purpose day-to-day applications without prohibitive costs.

Cognitive computing is the latest buzzword in the tech industry. Bellwethers like IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce and others are investing billions in the area. The industry promises a human-like thought using Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and other techniques to process and learn from unstructured data. While the discipline has already achieved a lot, it is falling short of its bold promise. Early adopters of cognitive computing are frustrated with its high costs and the time and resources it takes to train a system.

Tactical cognitive computing addresses some of these problems. It gives customers reliable control and eliminates the need for strategic budget allocations or years of planning. To be called Tactical, a cognitive computing solution should have the following features.

  • High Accuracy: To be a reliable part of any enterprise workflow, tactical cognitive systems need 95-98% accuracy. AI systems’ accuracy relies primarily on its focus and the amount of training it gets. Tactical cognitive systems are highly customizable focus on a single problem at a single customer at a time. They train over specific data for such problems.
  • Low Training Time: Despite the need for accuracy, tactical cognitive systems should be able to train over limited data and deploy within 4-12 weeks. The most time intensive part of training an AI system is retraining an AI blackbox when the first results are not as expected. Tactical cognitive systems break down such decisions to multiple contributing factors that can be trained in isolation.
  • Accessible Structure: To be truly useful for every situation at an enterprise, tactical cognitive systems should be applicable for large as well as small problems. They usually run on regular hardware instead of super computers or huge cloud clusters. This, combined with high accuracy and low resource needed to train them, tactical cognitive become very accessible.

Tactical cognitive computing systems address the key problems of early adopters of cognitive computing face, and are all set to further accelerate democratization of cognitive computing.