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5 Applications Of Collaborative Robots In Manufacturing

Over the last few years, automation has gained immense popularity in various industries. And the manufacturing industry sits on the cutting edge of automation technology, ahead of other industries. With automation, manufacturing companies have revolutionized the way activities were once performed. With autonomous systems coming into the picture, human participation and involvement have reduced significantly. As a result, work gets done faster and more importantly, with greater precision. Though automation… more

AI Helping Extract Value In The Mining Industry

When you combine the words data and mining, you might think IT and technology-focused initiatives aimed at extracting value from data in the enterprise. But sometimes we mean applying the power of data and intelligence to the actual mining industry, where the primary value being extracted are resources from the earth. Even in this very physical of industries, artificial intelligence and machine learning are being applied to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, environmental and safety concerns, and… more

How Opportunity Zones Are Helping AI Startups Thrive in Low-Income Communities

There are 879 Opportunity Zones in the state of California alone. BRANDI IBRAO Opportunity zones have the potential to unlock an entirely new class of investors and bring high-tech, high-return AI companies to lower-income communities to create jobs in and move the capital to areas of poverty. For investors in startups focusing on advanced technology such as AI that might take decades to develop, exit or go public, opportunity zone investment provides an amazing, low-risk opportunity.  The intention of… more

Eight Women Founders Share Their Insights On AI And Intimacy

Technology is transforming how we communicate love and closeness, it also carries enormous potential to help us in developing deeper emotional and personal connections. AI specifically, has shifted what we think is possible with sex, adding more options for those who have a difficult time with intimacy. Unfortunately, due to systemic bias in technology, current developments in AI and intimacy tend to not reflect the needs of women.  This is where the categories of femtech and sextech come in. Femtech… more

Crypto-Currencies Are Poised To Radically Change Finance …. And Reshape Nations

Once the need for a physical medium for currency disappears, the potential for radical change in financial systems rises dramatically. We're entering into this era now. GETTY In the 18th Century, a venture begun in England established an outpost in the New World around Hudson Bay. The Hudson Bay Company was given license by the crown to exploit the bounty of the Northernmost parts of North America, and eventually, a trading network was built out, trading fur, woods and mineral resources. This network… more

Government Leaders And Influencers Are Prioritizing AI

In February of this year, President Trump signed an executive order promoting Artificial Intelligence. This order was meant to spur interest, development and regulation of AI. It’s true that the United States is a world leader in artificial intelligence (AI), but this is mostly because of companies in the U.S., especially the large tech companies that are AI forward. That’s not to say though that the U.S. Federal Government does not see the strategic advantage AI can offer. As a result, many leaders and… more

Applications Of Immersive Technologies In Smart Cities

For a while now, there's been great interest in smart cities. While there is no universally accepted definition of a smart city, the ultimate aim is to provide improved citizen services and a better lifestyle to urban dwellers. In the quest to transform this ambitious plan into reality, governments, urban planners, engineers and architects are collaboratively strategizing and leveraging new age, digital technologies. Big data, AI, IoT, and cloud are a few of the technologies that can contribute to make… more

Five Tips for Negotiating Jobs

How you go about getting a job will affect your life and career for years. Understand what you're doing, but most of all, believe in yourself. GETTY As an IT consultant, I have had, over the years, needed to negotiate salaries and later contracts for my work. I'm still not very good at it, though in general, I've learned enough to stay employed during even slow times. Throughout all this, I've found that there are a few good rules of thumb that help me determine what constitutes my upper and lower limits… more

Is 5G The Future?

Is 5G the catalyst-connected human ecosystem in that cyberspace, aquaspace, geospace and space have been waiting for? Introduction It is said that the layout of the transportation network in the human ecosystem in major cities across nations is relatively similar to the pattern of the veins of a leaf. Since mathematically it seems roads (transportation) patterns in geospace have a lot in common, would we see similar patterns emerging in the communication network in cyberspace? In geospace, like the… more

How Blockchain is Shaping Privacy: An Interview with Alexandru Florea

Alexandru Florea extends a hand. ALEXANDRU FLOREA Alexandru Iulian Florea didn't start to become a multimillionaire. At the age of 26, with his family unhappy with him for leaving university, Florea was given the option of moving out or getting a job to start paying for family expenses. He chose Door #3, starting a business that went on to become one of the larger peer-to-peer networks in the world, and from there to start others, including his most recent:, a peer-to-peer network built on top… more