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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Slams YouTube And Instagram For Data Mining, Praises Netflix and Apple

Joseph Gordon-Levitt at Disrupt SF TECHCRUNCH At Disrupt SF, a leading startup tech conference taking place this week in San Francisco, machine learning took center stage as actor and entrepreneur Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Snowden, Inception, Looper, 500 Days of Summer) addressed concerns over the data-mining practices of the social media titans. Gordon-Levitt was at the show to promote his startup, HitRecord, a crowdsourced production company he founded in 2004 to facilitate creative collaboration among… more

AI For Climate Action

Climate action is the latest buzzword among industry circles since the many International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports and the recent UN Climate Summit in New York City. Greta Thunberg grabbed the headlines, but industrialists are all wondering: How can we move swiftly and effectively to reduce carbon emissions? How can we use AI and other exponential technologies to do the job better, faster and cheaper? As a business strategist and urban planner, I advise companies to focus on cities since… more

Meeting Exposes Shortcomings In Government’s AI Plans

White House Summit on Artificial Intelligence in Government WHITE HOUSE SUMMIT ON ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN GOVERNMENT Governments around the world are getting increasingly more serious about artificial intelligence. Not only are governments investing their time and energy at the most strategic levels, but so too are they increasing the expenditures on AI investments. However, simply throwing money at AI research and development is not enough to guarantee that countries will see strategic returns from… more

AI Augmentation: The Real Future of Artificial Intelligence

While artificial intelligence continues to drive completely autonomous technologies, its real value comes in enhancing the capabilities of the people that use it. GETTY I love Grammarly, the writing correction software from Grammarly, Inc. As a writer, it has proved invaluable to me repeatedly, popping up quietly to say that I forgot a comma, got a bit too verbose on a sentence, or have used too many adverbs. I even sprung for the professional version. Besides endorsing it, I bring Grammarly up for… more

Navigating The AI Landscape: Corporates, Startups And Venture Come Together

Panel on AI, Startups & VC at Microsoft for Startups RA SO RUSSELL TWEET THIS However, large enterprise partners can help startups fill the data gap and support their ability to innovate The holy grail for any startup is customer acquisition A challenge facing many startups is that they do not have enough data, limiting their ability to create great products. However, large enterprise partners can help startups fill the data gap and support their ability to innovate. At the AI Amalgamators… more

What Happens When Self-Driving Cars Kill People?

PHOTO BY YENDER FONSECA FROM PEXELS In recent years, autonomous vehicles have moved from a fanciful science fiction topic to actual reality, with real cars driving on real streets with real people inside. However, as per usual with technology, when concept meets reality, things never go as intended. In particular, this past year has seen multiple fatal incidents involving autonomous vehicles at a range of levels of autonomy, from Tesla’s AutoPilot, which is nominally a Level 3 autonomous vehicle (read… more

October 2019 Future Tech Events

A few Jack-o-lantern carved Halloween pumpkins on a ground covered by fallen autumn leaves in dark misty forest at dusk or night.GETTY This is the start of what I hope will be a regular series listing events in the Future Tech space (AI, Fintech, Cognitive Computing, Internet of Things, Data Science, Enterprise Data, Industrial Automation and Autonomous Vehicles). Graphorum 2019 Where: Chicago, Illinois When: Oct 14-17, 2019 Description: Graph technology has been steadily growing over the years, but… more

Facebook Horizon Poised To Rival Roblox And Minecraft With 2020 Launch

Mark Zuckerberg introducing Facebook Horizon at OC6 FACEBOOK In a stunning reveal at Oculus Connect 6 (OC6) this week, Mark Zuckerberg presented a first look at Facebook Horizon, a social VR experience coming to the Oculus Quest and Rift platform in 2020. Zuckerberg introducing Facebook Horizon at OC6 FACEBOOK With Pixar-like graphics, the Horizon trailer showed a sunny wonderland of endless adventure for exploring one's authentic self. "In Horizon, you're going to be able to build your worlds and… more

Data Privacy, By Ref Sharing and the End of Business Cards (Maybe)

You're at a conference. If you're properly prepared, you've made sure that you have a box of business cards with nice shiny graphics, embossed letters and no doubt a witty or profound saying on the card. If, on the other hand, you're someone like me, that box of shiny cards is sitting on your bedside table at your house, where you put them while you were packing everything else and then promptly forgot about. Your house is now sixteen hundred miles away, and so you're forced to cadge everyone else's cards… more

The Wild West Of Cyberspace

Do we have the necessary technological, investigative, and prosecutorial capabilities and partnerships to effectively chase outlaws in cyberspace? Introduction Digital data is a goldmine and is rapidly becoming a criminal commodity. Irrespective of whether the data is personal, financial, corporate, academic, or governmental, all data is a target. Digital data gives access to bank accounts, credit cards, and more and allows for the fraudulent establishment of new lines of credit. It can also grant access… more