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How AI Enhances Sales

Sales are a primarily human-to-human activity. The very nature of sales is entirely built upon human communication. The core of sales as a process is focused on one human being's ability to connect with another and convince them that they need to buy what the offeror has for sale. Successfully establishing relationships is key to landing a successful sale, which is why having strong communication skills is easily the most important focus for just about any person that works in sales. With the strong… more

New Kids on the Block: A GenZ Talks Marketing

Madison Bregman, CEO of GirlZ MADISON BREGMAN One of the central challenges of knowing one's market is having an idea about what matters to people at specific ages. Millennials have been beneath the proverbial microscope for some time now as they have graduated from college, entered the workforce and in many cases have started families. The next generation (Generation Z if you follow the Strauss and Howe designations) extends roughly from the early 1990s to the Great Recession starting in late 2008. I… more

AI For CXOs -- Redefining The Future Of Leadership In The AI Era

Artificial intelligence is getting ubiquitous and is transforming organizations globally. AI is no longer just a technology. It is now one of the most important lenses that business leaders need to look through to identify new business models, new sources of revenue and bring in critical efficiencies in how they do businesses. Artificial intelligence has quickly moved beyond bits and pieces of topical experiments in the innovation lab. AI needs to be woven into the fabric of business. Indeed, if you see… more

AI In Project Management

Ever since humans have had people and projects to manage, we’ve had challenges keeping the projects on time, on budget, and people on task. The field and industry of project management emerged as a way to manage a collection of people towards an end goal. For project managers, it is commonplace to be managing not only multiple teams, but also multiple projects at the same time. These projects often must come together towards a bigger goal. For a field that is known for having lots of moving parts, finding… more

How We Can Build Trustworthy AI

Science fiction movies like ‘The Terminator’ and ‘I, Robot’ have exhibited what might happen in case artificial intelligence goes rogue. Such dystopian fantasies about AI are widely discussed by experts and researchers in the field of AI as well. Many of these experts believe that super-intelligent AI systems will pose a significant threat to humanity in the near future. And, considering the untold potential of AI, this may soon become a reality. Developers need to understand public concerns over the… more

"Calum's Rule"

Disagreements that suggest profound differences of philosophy sometimes turn out to be merely a matter of timing: the parties don't disagree about whether a thing will happen or not, they just disagree over how long it will take. For instance, timing is at the root of apparently fundamental differences of opinion about the technological singularity. Elon Musk is renowned for his warnings about superintelligence: “With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon. You know all those stories where… more

The Future Will Be Formulated Using Category Theory

A new approach to defining and designing systems is coming. Introduction The human ecosystem is made of open and closed systems. While the earth is a closed system for matter but an open system for energy, the human body is considered an open system. There is a growing belief that the current understanding of science can not wholly explain human life, mind, and consciousness, nor can it explain the nature and origin of life, matter, the environment, the universe, and reality. Perhaps there is a need for… more

How To Market In The Twenty-First Century

Marketing in the 21st century means selling long tails to mermaids.(Photo by Cris Faga/NurPhoto via Getty Images) NURPHOTO VIA GETTY IMAGES Marketing has always fascinated me. My first full-time job, many years ago, was working for an advertising agency as a computer graphic artist, and it gave me an understanding of the process of promoting and selling from very small (a car dealership) to very large (a chain of some of the largest malls in the US at the time). Over the years, I revisit the field,… more

The Growth Of AI Adoption In Law Enforcement

Increasingly law enforcement has turned to artificial intelligence to augment their officers and agencies. AI is said to be an essential factor in law enforcement because it can assist in many areas as well as enhance efficiency. AI technologies are keeping a watchful eye on crowd control and surveillance, being increasingly used for facial identification, and scanning video footage for anomalies. If the primary goal of law enforcement is to help deter and solve crimes while providing society an element of… more

How AI Can Transform The Transportation Industry

Transportation, the industry that deals with the movement of commodities and passengers from one place to another, has gone through several studies, researches, trials, and refinements to reach where it is now. One of the major milestones in the history of transportation was the steamboat in the year 1787. Before this, people relied on animal-drawn carts for their commute. Thereafter, breakthroughs that led to the growth of the transportation industry were the invention of bicycles (early 19th century),… more