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Reimagining Strategic Management Theories and Models with Artificial Intelligence

The advent of Artificial Intelligence in the corporate world is disrupting existing business processes and changing the way organizations are run. AI is fast becoming a cornerstone of how businesses manage their bottom line, while opening new revenue streams that could provide a boost to their toplines as well. Given the scale of its impact, there is no doubt that AI will also have a severe impact on the science that governs how organizations are run today. I am obviously referring to incumbent management… more

The New Techno-Fusion: The Merging Of Technologies Impacting Our Future

The process of systems integration (SI) functionally links together infrastructure, computing systems, and applications. SI can allow for economies of scale, streamlined manufacturing, and better efficiency and innovation through combined research and development. New to the systems integration toolbox are the emergence of transformative technologies and, especially, the growing capability to integrate functions due to exponential advances in computing, data analytics, and material science. These new… more

Might AI Spell The Death Of Search?

Just think for a moment about how much online searching you do. Need to find a nearby Thai restaurant? Just type your query into the search engine and presto: You receive page after page of results listing eateries in your area offering Pad Thai. Need to know the forecast in Austin? Again, punch in your query and you will receive no shortage of pages offering three-day forecasts, five-day forecasts, even year-round averages. This is the world we now inhabit. Even people who grew up before the internet have… more

As Technology Becomes Cognitive, All Paths Must Lead To Collective Human Flourishing

In 2016, I published a book called Technology vs. Humanity. The title alone sparked alarmed discussions. Did I think we were in danger? Was technology really going to take over the world? Absolutely not. Let me enthusiastically reiterate that the book title is not a prediction. I am a hopeful optimist, a humanist, and someone who still believes that technology can be harnessed for the greater good of mankind. With this in mind, I work to unpack the clues that exist in our current world that could indicate… more

The Expectations And Possibility Of Adaptive AI Hardware

Co-authoring this article with me is my colleague, Juan Miguel de Joya, a consultant expert on A.I. and Emerging Technologies for the United Nations International Telecommunications Union (bio below). The Fourth Industrial Revolution, first coined by Klaus Schwab in his 2015 article in Foreign Affairs, represents the revolutionary shift in how we as a society integrate technology into our day-to-day. We are seeing emerging technology breakthroughs in robotics, autonomous vehicles, energy storage, material… more

Building An AI-First Organization

Digital technology is fundamentally transforming the way we interact with the world. People, machines, data and processes are becoming increasingly connected, and the result is an explosion of information that can be used to understand customer needs. Yet the sheer volume of data and data sources required to get us where we need to go has exceeded the pace and scale of our human capacity to process it. Enter artificial intelligence. Poised to lead the next wave of exponential change disrupting health care… more

Beyond Chatbots: Hyper-Personalized, Intelligent Assistants

Recent years have seen a proliferation of chatbots and so called ‘personal assistants.' These supposedly serve both the convenience of the user, and the goals of a company. However, these bots often realize poor adoption rates, high user frustration and limited benefit to the corporation. In fact, they often hurt an enterprise. Current reality is that natural language applications have severe limitations, failing on tasks that even a child could easily handle. They have no memory of what was said earlier… more

Artificial Intelligence In Humanoid Robots

When people think of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the major image that pops up in their heads is that of a robot gliding around and giving mechanical replies. There are many forms of AI but humanoid robots are one of the most popular forms. They have been depicted in several Hollywood movies and if you are a fan of science fiction, you might have come across a few humanoids. One of the earliest forms of humanoids was created in 1495 by Leonardo Da Vinci. It was an armor suit and it could perform a lot of… more

Super Turing Computation Versus Quantum Computation

The Church-Turing limit restricts all current computation, including quantum computers, to rational number computation. This is because quantum computer designs (still not scalable even with high parallelism), are still Turing machines, which are limited by Turing machine constraints. This limits any scalable quantum computer’s ability to solve problems because their Turing machine restricted rational number computations are a tiny fraction of all real numbers, akin to our small solar system when compared… more

AI Transforming The World

The world is fast evolving, with Artificial intelligence (AI) at the forefront in changing the world, and the way we live. This article is Part 1 of a 2 part series. An important question: What is AI? For many people, it remains unclear what this technology is all about, so this is a good place to start the conversation. AI is a branch in computer science that deals with the intelligent behavior of machines. It is an ingeniously simulated ability of a machine to imitate human behavior, and our… more