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A Photogenic Look At The Future of Film Making With Paul Xavier

The future of photography is increasingly through the remote eyes of drones. GETTY Every hour, more videos and photographs are taken today globally (some one hundred million) than were taken in the history of photography from the dawn of the daguerreotype in 1839 to the advent of the first cell phone camera (on a Nokia phone) in 2002. The advent of charge-coupled devices, tiny light sensitive electrodes capable of gathering light without the cumbersome, awkward process of chemical baths of silver iodide… more

UN Climate Action Summit: Getting to Drawdown With Microsoft AI [Interview]

Mapping forests with Microsoft AI SILVIA TERRA At the UN Climate Action Summit that took place on September 23 in New York City, Microsoft flexed its muscle as the world's most valuable company by showing that going green is as good for profits as it is for the planet. Having operated as carbon neutral since 2012, the trillion-dollar tech giant announced plans to add new grant partners to its Microsoft AI for Earth program and has shared its AI toolset and APIs with the Github developer community.… more

Are Chatbots Useful?

Eliza chatbot ELIZA CHATBOT Language and conversation is part of what it is to be human. A large part of human brain function is devoted to processing, creating and understanding communication in both verbal and nonverbal forms. It’s no surprise then that we find it easier to communicate through natural language rather than typing, swing, and clicking. However, the natural language of humans is not the language of computers. Artificial intelligence is helping bridge the gap between humans and machines by… more

Refining The Oil And Gas Industry With IoT

The oil and gas industry is making headway in realizing the potential of IoT by making things much easier for companies to carry out their daily operations. Benefits of Using IoT in Oil and Gas Operations Here's how the use of IoT in oil and gas operations is transforming the industry: Drilling Management Drilling is a major part of oil and gas industry procedures. The Internet of Things proves to be a boon for enhancing efficiency in the drilling procedure. As the rig digs deep, it leads to potentially… more

Accelerating SMBC's Data-Driven Culture With AutoML 2.0

Data science is a major area of investment for banks due to its proven impact on operations such as fraud protection, risk mitigation, customer relationship management and more. But while investments in AI are growing, banks are often finding that their existing analytics and business intelligence technology and talent aren’t capable of meeting their current and expanding needs. Challenges in resources, technology infrastructure and the ability to operationalize models quickly and efficiently can prevent… more

Surveillance Capitalism And Anti-Capitalism

In the last few years, the computer scientists and entrepreneurs who fuel Silicon Valley have gone through a bewildering series of transformations.  Once upon a time, they were ostracised nerds.  Then they were the lovable geeks of the Big Bang Theory TV show, and for a short while, they were superheroes.  (In case you’re wondering, geeks wonder what sex in zero gravity is like; nerds wonder what sex is like.)  Then it all went wrong, and now they are the tech bros; the anti-heroes in the dystopian saga of… more

Can AI Save Our Oceans? Let's Start With The Data.

Photo Credit: KIM SCHAFFER — BAHAMAS TWEET THIS glimmers of light and hope spots that we can point to, especially in the areas of AI for the benefit of the ocean. When it comes to ocean data, the information is often overwhelming, unavailable and almost always fragmented. Making sense of data is the key to creating solutions for our oceans and acting on them. The ocean is in a dire crisis that puts the entirety of humanity at risk. The gravity of its issues ranging from climate change to plastics… more

Managing Strategic Risk Using Data Science

"Risk is the price you pay for opportunity," goes a famous saying. Businesses are built to create value from opportunities, and it's near impossible to run a business without risks. Organizations today face a variety of risks, and these risks come in different shapes and sizes. Broadly, these can be categorized into operational risk and strategic risk, based on how they emanate and the impact they can have. For organizations to continue creating value without being derailed along the way, they need to… more

The Marvel Of Molecular Computing Chips

With the rise of molecular electronics technologies, where will the rapidly emerging DNA revolution take us? Introduction In nature, virtually all electronic processes seem to occur in molecular structures. Since the tools of molecular synthesis are rapidly evolving, the emerging application of molecular building blocks for the manufacture of electronic components is gaining ground. Molecular electronics broadly uses either single molecules or nanoscale collections of single molecules as electronic… more

Upcoming Events and Promotions

It’s CONFERENCE season! I’m planning on devoting a monthly article to upcoming conferences in the AI-Tech Space (Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, DroneTech, Games and Media, Digital Security, Enterprise Data, Fourth Industrial Age, Digital Marketing, Cryptocurrencies, Social Media, Cyber-warfare and related areas) and will be publishing on the last day of each month for events coming up in the next month. If you have a conference that you wish to promote, please get it to me by the 25th of… more