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Cyber Breach Planning: Lessons From The Equifax Breach

Last week, Canada’s federal Privacy Commissioner issued its decision in the Equifax data breach, citing several concerns with security safeguards and governance processes against Equifax Canada and its US parent company, Equifax Inc. This decision is relevant to US companies with Canadian affiliates since the Privacy Commissioner has signalled a change in policy about cross-border data transfers. The Commissioner’s investigation into the Equifax breach suggests some important features of a strong cyber-… more

What Direction Will AI Take You?

Imagine if my decision was influenced by my mobile device or my smartwatch anticipating my next steps, by evaluating my past behavior, on a Saturday in downtown Austin after a run at Lady Bird Lake. What if previous data captured indicates that I like to shop at the little boutiques on Congress, or that after I’m cooled down, I like to reward myself with some tasty Tex-Mex at Gueros? I wonder what level of access companies have to my buying habits, my location, and more importantly, how they use this data/… more

AI Plus Entertainment Equals the Dawning Of a Trillion-Dollar New Economy

Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the entertainment industry with AI-enabled chatbots, avatars, robots and an entire new ecosystem of sentient beings Disney has always striven to make an emotional connection with their guests and today AI helps the company create powerful customer experiences through the use of chatbots, which when combined with a strong service culture can capture customers for life. This May 2-3, 2019 in Redwood City, leading experts from AI, entertainment and technology… more

Cognitive Planning Takes Logistics Optimization to New Heights…

By Dr. Todd Carrico, CEO at Cougaar Software  Logistics Optimization, typically under the discipline of Operations Research (OR), has been proven to save companies millions of dollars per year by improving various aspects of logistics planning and operations. In today’s dynamic complex, data rich world, new opportunities are emerging to enable Cognitive Logistics Optimization (CLO), taking optimization to new heights through context-aware reasoning and adaptive management enabled by Artificial… more

The Weaponization Of The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Introduction The information age is evolving the very nature of warfare. Today, each nation increasingly depends on closely integrated, high-speed electronic systems across cyberspace, geospace and space (CGS).  But, it’s a cause of great concern if an enemy can easily use a weapon like a small, inexpensive EMP device. An EMP weapon can deny any individual or entity across a nation the ability to use electromagnetic waves for their digital infrastructure and digital connectivity, e.g., radio, infrared and… more

Practicing Safe Coboting

Like it or not you will be interacting with either physical or software robots soon. A cobot or co-robot (from collaborative robot) is a robot intended to physically interact with humans in a shared workspace. It’s not just the obvious robots to consider. Additionally, there are software bots that can either assist you with knowledge/data mining or actions that eliminate drone work. While there will be initial interfacing issues and learning curves to get by, there are a number of long term issues to… more

Emerging Trends In Cognitive Systems

Introduction From automated to autonomous and now cognitive, a paradigm shift is taking place in the design principles of machines, matter, methods and more. So, what are the principles of cognitive design? And are they centered around the future of humanity? From tabulating systems to programmable systems and now with cognitive systems, the evolution in computing allows humans to move beyond numbers and data to knowledge and intelligence. It is no longer about the replacement of man with machine, but… more

Clearbanc Is Using AI To Level The Playing Field In Funding

With women and minorities receiving a tiny fraction of venture capital (VC) funding globally, it’s no wonder that entrepreneurs are hungry for new sources of finance to fuel their growth. Clearbanc, led by Michele Romanow is answering the call for those small businesses. Michele Romanow is no stranger to spotting market opportunities, before the age of 28; she had already started several companies. One of those companies grew so fast that it was acquired by Groupon within less than a year of operations.… more

Super Turing Computation Versus Quantum Computation

The Church-Turing limit restricts all current computation, including quantum computers, to rational number computation. This is because quantum computer designs (still not scalable even with high parallelism), are still Turing machines, which are limited by Turing machine constraints. This limits any scalable quantum computer’s ability to solve problems because their Turing machine restricted rational number computations are a tiny fraction of all real numbers, akin to our small solar system when compared… more

Is Global Healthcare Ready For Broad 5th Machine Age Technology Adoption?

Healthcare, growing to $10 Trillion US globally, lags behind nearly 80% of other industries in innovative technology adoption, and in fact, is at the bottom five across industries. However, this is about to change in the next three years. From the WEF Future of Jobs Report, by 2022, adoption forecasts include 87% big data, 87% biotech, 80% machine learning (a form of AI), 73% wearable technologies, 67% each for blockchain / IoT / AR-VR, 53% 3D printing, 47% stationary robots and 40% non-human robots. This… more