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Redesigning Your Tech Careers For The AI Era

We are not strangers to the way AI is impacting our daily lives — both personally and professionally. We have been audience to the paranoia about AI taking away jobs and the optimism of AI creating jobs. While the jury is still out on the long-term impact of AI, we’re already seeing automation of several activities, ranging from driving to radiology. It’s becoming evident that no job will remain untouched by AI, though the degree of impact will differ from occupation to occupation. Automation in the IT… more

Why Regulatory Compliance Can Be Complicated and How AI Can Simplify It

Every industry -- from healthcare to entertainment -- is overlooked by some or another form of a regulatory body. In fact, in some key sectors such as finance, multiple regulators control different aspects of the sector. For instance, just in the US, there are at least ten different financial regulators such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, The Federal Reserve and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, among others. Each of these regulatory agencies has hundreds of regulations that apply to… more

It's Time to Fight Back for Data Sovereignty

What is the most valuable commodity today? The answer might surprise you. To put this inquiry in context, let’s begin with a little history. For decades, ever since the Bretton Wood Accords in 1944, the US dollar served as the global pricing mechanism for nations the world over based on one key product. “When it comes to economic development, the most influential commodity on Earth is oil,” writes FXCM, a leading provider of online foreign exchange. “Oil is viewed as the lifeblood of economic growth, with… more

Understanding Explainable AI

As artificial intelligence becomes an increasing part of our daily lives, from the image and facial recognition systems popping up in all manner of applications to machine learning-powered predictive analytics, conversational applications, autonomous machines and hyperpersonalized systems, we are finding that they need to trust these AI-based systems with all manner of decision making and predictions is paramount. AI is finding its way into a broad range of industries such as education, construction,… more

Do We Need A New Security Centric Operating System For Humanity?

Since the democratization of destruction is now a reality, should we not use new interactive tools, techniques and immersive platforms to include everyone from across nations to secure the future of humanity? Introduction Humanity is at the tipping point, as the technology triggered revolution and evolution is on its way to fundamentally transform the human ecosystem across cyberspace, aquaspace, geospace and space (CAGS). The coming clash in contested commons is expected to bring both significant risks… more

The Twenty-Year History of AI at Amazon

If you’ve ever browsed through the vast selection of items Amazon offers on their website then you’ve most likely interacted with their advanced AI algorithms. Beginning with product recommendations, Amazon started using machine-learning algorithms as part of their core offerings, and over time, they have quietly built strong AI and ML capabilities broadly across the whole organization. There is no single AI group at Amazon. Rather, every team is responsible for finding ways to utilize AI and ML in their… more

Graph Databases Go Mainstream

Every decade seems to have its database. During the 1990s, the relational database became the principal data environment, its ease of use and tabular arrangement making it a natural for the growing needs to power the data web. While relational databases remained strong, the 2000s saw the emergence of XML databases and NoSQL, the idea that databases didn't need to be structured in a purely tabular form, began to get hot. During the 2010s, JSON databases gained traction, along with the spectacular rise and… more

Turbo Charge AI with Right Brain-Based Reasoning

AI is blossoming, but the real advantage of AI is yet to come. While organizations are mesmerized by the power of AI on left-brained activities of facts, rules and logic, the big opportunity lies fallow. It's the right-brained activities that help with insight, interpretation, intuition, judgment and reasoning where the big benefits can be gleaned. The leverage of general policies, creativity and constraints are not natural in the world of AI today. Because it is difficult today, many pass reasoning and… more

Innovation in Times of Constant Change with GTRI & IEEE TEMS

In June, Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) hosted a three-part IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (IEEE TEMS) conference (IEEE TEMSCON), “Leading Innovation in Times of Constant Change.” For the first time, the conference broke new ground by combining academic research on day one, industry forum on day two, and a combined sharing of academy and industry on day three. The program is unique and will be replicated. I came from an interesting perspective of being invited to give two… more

AI and the Case of the Disappearing Textbooks

Stop the Presses! In a recent story, the BBC reported on how Pearsons, one of the largest textbook publishing companies in the world, is getting out of the print business. This is very much like Ford Motor Company announcing recently that they will stop producing cars. While the jury is still out on whether the latter is a good idea, in many respects. The decision by Pearsons has been inevitable for a while. It is a matter of economics. Most people tend to see publishers as being focused primarily on… more