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The Seven Patterns Of AI

The Seven Patterns of AI COGNILYITCA From autonomous vehicles, predictive analytics applications, facial recognition, to chatbots, virtual assistants, cognitive automation and fraud detection, the use cases for AI are many. However, regardless of the application of AI, there is a commonality to all these applications. Those who have implemented hundreds or even thousands of AI projects realize that despite all this diversity in application, AI use cases fall into one or more of seven common patterns.  The… more

Using Machine Learning In Venture Capital

Setting the Stage If you have read some of my previous posts, you may know I am very bullish on data-driven funds. The rationale for my optimism is that I fundamentally believe that machine learning can bridge the asymmetric information gap between founders and investors, making both of their lives better and easier. As part of my work and effort to try to advance the field a bit, I have been doing research on how AI has already been used in VC, but I also wanted to play with data, and the following… more

How Robots Can Transform Retail With Machine Vision

Robots have transcended the realm of sci-fi fantasy and are now making revolutionary waves in several industries. Industries that deal with complex, life-threatening tasks have been enjoying tremendous benefits from robots. From being controlled by a human operator to now being fully autonomous, robotics has vastly grown. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, some robots today are designed such that they closely emulate human intelligence, in one form or another. Due to this, we see the use cases of… more

The Full Stack Data Scientist: Myth, Unicorn, or New Normal?

As AI proliferates and more and more industries try to beef up their data scientist teams, a new concept has been emerging — the “Full Stack Data Scientist”. What is this new role? What should an organization do about it? What Is a Full Stack Data Scientist Anyway? There is no standard definition of a Full-Stack Data Scientist (FSDS) yet, but there are two emerging viewpoints: A Data Scientist who is capable of understanding and executing not just the data analytics and model development, but also the… more

AI-Assisted Digital Assistants Really Work

Black & Veatch, an employee-owned, global leader in building critical human infrastructure in energy, water, telecommunications and government services, is on a journey to leverage AI-assisted bots, called virtual experts, to better capture and interact with engineering knowledge and standards. The goal of this emerging effort is to experiment with ways to better capture knowledge and expertise within the company. Ultimately, this initiative would lead to a reduced amount of time required to locate… more

Tests Show That Voice Assistants Still Lack Critical Intelligence

Increasingly, voice assistants from vendors such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft and others are starting to find their way into a myriad of devices, products and tools used on a daily basis. While once we might have only interacted with conversational systems on our phones, dedicated desktop appliances, or desktop computers, we can now find conversational interfaces on a wide range of appliances and products from televisions to cars and even toaster ovens. Soon, any device we can interact with will… more

How Machine Vision Can Transform Financial Services

The implementation of machine vision in finance is proving to be beneficial not only to businesses but also to consumers in general. Although it seemed far-fetched five years ago, financial institutions have been using advanced technologies in their operations. These technologies enable organizations to improve the customer experience and lighten employees’ workloads. The global machine vision market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.7% to reach USD 18.24 billion by 2025. There, however, remains a certain… more

Beyond Art Galleries: The Business MoSAIC

As Jim Sinur and I wrote in the book Digital Transformation, A Brief Guide for Game Changers, “Similar to viewing an exceptional art mosaic, observing any of the environmental forces or enabling capabilities in isolation prevents one from recognizing the broader fundamentals in play. The entire picture does not emerge until the viewer steps back and embraces the ‘ah-ha’ moment of the overall mosaic, one in which the powerful message is revealed through the inter-related elements operating in concert.” For… more

AI for Executives: How Machine Learning Is Impacting the Next Generation Workforce

The term "artificial" doesn't do the next generation, with the attitude of "how we will get things done," justice. Artificial refers to a machine doing the work rather than a human, and the “Augmented Intelligence” might be more appropriate. Many agree that repetitive tasks and to-dos should be done by someone other than humans. Take a robotic vacuum, for example. As I write this, I am vacuuming or should I say Ivan is vacuuming. It has an intelligence of where it has covered and what areas of my home… more

The Unexpected Consequences of Big Data

Big Data is the unexpected resource bonanza of the current century.  Moore’s Law driven advances in computing power, the rise of cheap storage and advances in algorithm design have enabled the capture, storage, and processing of many types of data previously that were unavailable for use in computing systems.  Documents, email, text messages, audio files, and images are now able to transform into a usable digital format for use by analysis systems, especially artificial intelligence.  The AI systems can… more