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YROO: The Future of AI-Assisted Shopping

| 1 year 4 months ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

By Hessie Jones, CogWorld Reporter, Toronto  |  April 5, 2018 Customer Centricity is the promise of AI. It seems to be the holy grail that continues to elude business. Marketing solutions and systems integrators are trying to build technology frameworks for Next Best Action that take real-time consumer context into consideration. They're still falling short. But what if the only way to truly get to the heart of understanding the customer is to amass a huge amount of data, from different perspectives,… more

5 Myths About Cognitive

By Tom Davenport  |  A Deloitte Member Article |  March 31, 2018   A survey of early adopters helps correct some common misconceptions about artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is one of the most frequently discussed topics in business today, but even more than most new technologies, its promise is sometimes obscured by a set of lingering myths—particularly among those whose exposure to the technology has been limited. Professionals with first-hand experience have a different perspective,… more

Big Data: Needles and Haystacks

A CogWorld C-Level Member Q&A with Peter Fingar and Kogentix CEO, Boyd Davis  (2017) We’ve been loaded (and overloaded) with information about Big Data, and more recently, Cognitive Computing. I’ve researched and written a lot about these subjects. But recently, a CEO who is “in the business of Big Data” updated my thinking. I talked at length with Boyd Davis, CEO at Kogentix Inc., providers of  cognitive computing and machine learning to build systems that use Big Data to learn about your business,… more

The Behavior of Everything

Capturing and Executing the Behavior of Everything   By Helena Keeley and Tom Keeley  |  Compsim Member Article |  March 26, 2018 Interest in the “behavior” of systems (machines, humans, and organizations) while operating and interacting in the world today is driving change in almost every industry and in every function.  Having the ability to easily articulate “complex behaviors” in a mathematically explicit manner will be necessary to accelerate and respond to that dynamic.  Having auditable and… more

Trends In Emerging Cognitive Technologies and Predictive Analytics

| 1 year 5 months ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

By Chuck Brooks   |  March 24, 2018 An interview with Gabby Menachem, CEO of Loom Systems, named by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor” in Artificial Intelligence Beyond the hype, what are the perils and promises of emerging cognitive technologies? More specifically, are artificial intelligence and machine learning something to fear or cultivate?  That's a great question that I encounter a lot, and I think it's also being fostered a lot by media and popular science. For example, the late Stephen Hawking has been… more

AI, the Catalyst to Drive Significant Change Everywhere

By Hessie Jones, CogWorld Reporter, Toronto, and CoFounder, Salsa AI  |  March 21, 2018 I'm excited to share my journey with you, involving the brilliant minds I encounter and the emerging issues that need tackling. As the AI community grows, it's important to address some of the gaps we encounter in this nascent and highly experimental phase as companies, organizations and countries continue to figure their place in the world of AI. The last decade of my career pushed me in the direction of social media… more

The Road to IoT Success Runs through DPA… (Digital Process Automation)

| 1 year 3 months ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

By Setrag Khoshafian, Ph.D   |  March 7, 2018Dr. Khoshafian is Pegasystems' Chief Evangelist, IoT strategist, and strategic BPM (digital processes) technology leader Despite several wins and digital transformation initiatives involving Internet of Things – consumer or Industrial (aka IIoT) - ROI from IoT is still a challenge. At least that is the impression. Vodafon’s 2017/2018 Barometer of IoT shows trends and positive results in the adoption of IoT in different industries. According to the survey “74%… more

Augmented Reality Virtual Elements to the Physical World

| 1 year 6 months ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

By Charles Moore, NextGen Global Executive Search  |  March 10, 2018 Augmented reality virtual elements, virtual reality, artificial intelligence - exactly what are they and how do they interact with one another? Every moment of our waking lives, we use our five senses to learn about our world. In our daily reality, we see people and cars moving on the street, or hear a colleague talking with a client in the next cubicle. We can smell something burning or peculiar fish smells or our morning bacon cooking… more

Autonomous Vehicles Future using Artificial Intelligence

By Charles Moore, NextGen Global Executive Search  |  March 10, 2018 For years we have been hearing that driverless cars will soon be dominating our highways as autonomous vehicles are developed.  Not since the advent of the horseless carriage have we been faced with such a disruption in personal travel. But the adoption of vehicle automation will likely take longer than many have thought. There may be a more gradual increase over several years through several stages. That will come with further… more

Virtual Cities of the Future: Kinder & Greener

| 1 year 6 months ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

By Sheridan Tatsuno  |  November 17, 2017 In "Blade Runner" and the upcoming movie "Ready Player One," Hollywood shows us one of their favorite genres -- dark, violent dystopias not unlike many cities today. Dystopias have become so pervasive in movies, books and TV programs that many people are tiring of them and seeking relief in more positive stories and news. Instead of another round of virtual shoot-em-up hells, many VR developers are asking: How can virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) be… more