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Cognitive technologies: a technical primer

| 2 weeks 3 days ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

By Deloitte  |  February 6, 2018  |  Source   Cognitive technologies offer advantages that are real and diverse, extending well beyond traditional applications like process automation. As the cognitive story evolves in the years ahead, the benefits that ensue may become ever richer in their variability. ​ Introduction Cognitive technologies are now impacting almost every aspect of people’s lives. Not only are these technologies an emerging source of competitive advantage for businesses and the economy,… more

Avoiding the Ultimate Oxymoron -- Ensuring your AI is Intelligent and Not Artificial

By Alan Trefler  |  May 21, 2018Alan Trefler is Founder and CEO of Pegasystems, and a visionary and expert in the field of customer relations for over 30 years The industry is abuzz about artificial intelligence, or AI, and specifically the intersection of AI and CRM technologies. Take the buzzwords away, however, and this is about using smart systems to better engage customers and to make it easier for people to get their work done. That is something I’ve been involved with since the early 80s.  In fact… more

Choosing Between Opaque AI and Transparent AI

By Rob Walker  |  May 25, 2018Guest Columnist Dr. Rob Walker is VP Decision Management & Analytics at Pegasystems AI has reached the place in its evolution where it’s very useful without being costly. Once any new technology achieves this point, a call goes out in the industry for the creation of a managed approach to using it. AI is no different. Now that it’s used in machine learning, decisioning, and personalization, developers need tools to control its use. Quite simply, if you’re going to rely on… more

The Big RPA Bubble

By Alan Trefler  |  December 7, 2018  |  Source: CogWorld on FORBESAlan Trefler is a visionary leader, technology change-agent, innovative philanthropist, and trusted advisor to global business executives. Alan founded Pegasystems in 1983. "What’s the right way to implement RPA? Instead of trying to build a program around staff reduction and thinking about how to achieve 100 percent automation to replace a handful of FTEs, focus on some level of basic task automation for every staff member. Then focus on… more

Building AI that Works: Domain Knowledge and the Impact on Team Building

February 28, 2019 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly one of the main enablers of the digital transformation of modern enterprises. It is used as a vehicle for increased automation of business processes and as a means of optimizing enterprise decisions. Building AI that works means its applications transcend almost all sectors of the economy from finance, cybersecurity, IoT data and devices, transportation, medical devices and healthcare and upcoming 5G mobile networks to industrial applications… more

The Next Frontier Of AI: Practical, Scalable, Responsible

February 26, 2019  |  CogWorld on FORBES Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for about 75 years now. The creation of IBM Watson was a seminal moment that brought AI into the mainstream. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the founding team of Watson and got to experience this paradigm shift firsthand.   Today, AI has grabbed a foothold in enterprise IT and is poised to become as ubiquitous as the internet—touching every aspect of our lives, from our jobs and transportation systems, to… more

Longevity Vision Fund: Fueling the Longevity Biotechnology Boom We've Been Waiting For

February 26, 2019  |  Cognitive World on Forbes During the Longevity Leaders Forum in London Sergey Young, a celebrity investor and fund manager announced the launch of the $100 million Longevity Vision Fund. Endpoints, one of the most popular and trusted publications in the pharmaceutical industry and also covers the nascent longevity biotechnology industry closely was the first to report on the story.  Before that, I saw him at many longevity-oriented events, often with the father of exponential… more

The End Of Work: The Consequences Of An Economic Singularity

Introduction Today, we are no longer confined to what nature or natural intelligence must offer. From the steam engine to electricity and digital transformations to artificial intelligence, molecular manufacturing and bioengineering, each new transformative innovation has brought us a new (man-made) way of doing things in ways that nature did not provide for. As new ways of manufacturing and production are emerging, they are taking away an ever-increasing number of tasks and roles previously performed by… more

Can Artificial Intelligence Be Biased?

| 3 weeks 2 days ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

February 22, 2019  |  CogWorld on FORBES Introduction In pursuit of automation-driven efficiencies, the rapidly evolving artificial intelligence (AI) tools and techniques (such as neural networks, machine-learning, predictive analytics, speech recognition, natural-language processing and more) are now routinely used across nations: its governments, industries, organizations and academia (NGIOA) for navigation, translation, behavior modeling, robotic control, risk management, security, decision-making and… more

Recruitment Chatbots: Is The Hype Worth It?

February 19, 2019 |  CogWorld on FORBES If you're a recruiter, you will better understand the friction points you come across while performing your job. One of the most important and challenging tasks for recruiters is to find the right talent from the crowd. To add to the list, most of the skillful candidates are passive. For choosing only the relevant candidates, recruiters have to: create engaging content for job portals, focus on compelling recruitment strategies, and most importantly,… more