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Internet Of Things (IoT), VR And Blockchain: How To Survive The "Retail Apocalypse"​

Silicon Valley is abuzz with the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR) and blockchain vendors seeking the Holy Grail of Retail: mass consumer markets where their technology can help fashion designers and retailers survive the "retail apocalypse." At the recent San Francisco Tech Fashion Week, retail experts provided invaluable insights that could save millions of designers, major retailers and small shops from bankruptcy. Here are key insights from three panels. Panel 1:… more

How To Prevent AI Ethics Councils From Failing

There's nothing “artificial” about Artificial Intelligence-infused systems. These systems are real and are already impacting everyone today though automated predictions and decisions. However, these digital brains may demonstrate unpredictable behaviors that can be disruptive, confusing, offensive and even dangerous. Therefore, before getting started with an AI strategy, it’s critical for companies to consider AI through the lens of building systems you can trust. Educate on the Criticality of a ‘People… more

Failing Architecture? Digital Twins to the Rescue!

We are hearing the tales of severely ill or dying enterprise architectural efforts in even the best of organizations. It really shouldn’t be a surprise as architectural efforts are long, slow and change before they are complete. Even if an organization manages to complete one, things are changing so fast the value of even a rare complete architecture is dubious at best. Leveraging digital twins can be a game changer for architecture. A digital twin is a digital replica of physical assets, processes, people… more

National Science Foundation Awards Litterati Grant to Advance its AI for a Cleaner Planet

On Earth Day, 2019, the National Science Foundation has awarded Litterati a second grant in the amount of $750,000 to advance its machine learning and further its mission to create a litter-free world by using data to plot and identify litter across the planet. The grant is part of the National Foundation’s Small Business Innovation Award and is the second grant awarded to Litterati, bringing the total amount of the award to $1 million. “We are pleased to accept this grant from the National Science… more

Beyond AI: The Need For Solutionists In Creating A Sustainable World

$7 trillion dollars. $7 trillion dollars is the conservative estimate by the United Nations each year in our shortfall to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs.) That’s an absurd number! How are we ever going to bridge this gap to create a better world for us all? Well, we have two things going for us. First, we can leverage technology like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, drones, etc. to help. We’ve seen this through program’s like Ocean Alliance’s SnotBot, where they’re using drones… more

5 Top AI Trends

Here are five significant artificial intelligence trends to look forward to that will affect myriad industries on an international scale led by giant tech companies that are now investing huge sums in artificial intelligence research. Last year, implementations of AI rose significantly in so many platforms, tools and applications around the world, impacting healthcare, education and other industries as more and more people are opting for e-solutions based on AI and machine learning. Then there's the… more

Financial Services Ready For Broad 5th Machine Age Technology Adoption?

Worldwide, the annual value of securities transactions is nearing US $2 Quadrillion, (DTCC). Financial services, already in the top 5 in digital transformation and technology adoption, is moving rapidly to embrace the 5th Machine Age Unlimited X-Revolution. What is the 5th Machine Age Unlimited X-Revolution? The “5th Machine Age” term refers to the rapid integration of artificial intelligence (AI) across all industries and particularly through an area of AI called machine learning (ML). This is… more

Artificial Intelligence for Good: Preserving Our Cultural Heritage

We are our distinct and unique cultures, histories and languages. In today’s ever-increasingly globalized world, we must act as guardians of the unique cultural heritage that forms the basis of our identities. New technologies are facilitating this arduous task. The architect of the future, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can lead the way in preserving our distinct cultural heritage for the next generations. Just over a year old, AI start-up IVOW has a mission to “bring the ancient art of storytelling into… more

Seasoned Explorers: How Experienced TMT Organizations are Navigating AI

| 1 month 3 weeks ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

Insights from Deloitte’s State of AI in the Enterprise, 2nd Edition survey By Mic Locker, Jeff Loucks, Susanne Hupfer and David Jarvis Early adopters of AI technologies are moving full speed ahead, combining experimentation and structured practices to achieve measurable value. Companies slower to incorporate AI should consider following their lead. To invoke an African proverb, smooth seas do not make skillful sailors. In today’s turbulent world of rapid digital transformation, we wanted to discover who… more

Forecasting Markets: Machine Learning To The Rescue

Introduction As we take a step forward in our digital global age journey, there is a need to go beyond basic human tasks and processes like computing data and collecting metrics to develop more intelligent algorithms that can perform complex tasks. The goal is to get real-time intelligence for complex decision-making that would strengthen some of the most critical interconnected and interdependent operational, tactical and strategic technologies, processes and initiatives. As experienced over the years,… more