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Fear of AI vs. the Ethic and Art of Creative Destruction

| 1 year 7 months ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

By Mark Montgomery, CEO, Kyield While it may be an interesting question whether the seasons are changing in artificial intelligence (AI), or to what extent the entertainment industry is herding pop culture, it may not have much to do with future reality. Given recent attention AI has received and the unique potential for misunderstanding, I thought a brief story from the trenches in the Land of Enchantment might shed some light. The topic of AI recently came up at Santa Fe Institute (SFI) during a… more

Fake News and the Cognitive Fact Checker

| 1 year 8 months ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

By Vint Cerf Digital technology has drastically impacted our lives. Beyond this new threshold of interconnectedness, we should consider digital technology’s impact on citizenship and the very nature of democracy in the future. When Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1436, he knew it would ease the labor of monks who spent all day manually copying the Bible.  But he probably didn’t think it would fuel colonization of the New World, or enable representative democracy via mass produced written… more

Wired: Barack Obama, Neural Nets, Self-Driving Cars, and the Future of the World

| 2 years 5 months ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

Photographs by Christopher Anderson/Magnum Photos for WIRED Image: Joi Ito, Scott Dadich, and President Barack Obama photographed in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on August 24, 2016. SOURCE: WIRED   IT’S HARD TO think of a single technology that will shape our world more in the next 50 years than artificial intelligence. As machine learning enables our computers to teach themselves, a wealth of breakthroughs emerge, ranging from medical diagnostics to cars that drive themselves. A whole lot of… more

Top Seven Uses of Cognitive AI

| 11 months 3 weeks ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

The world is speeding up and accelerating as you read this article. Big data keeps piling up; new IoT devices are multiplying exponentially; new patterns of threats and opportunities are emerging by the second; decisions are lagging optimal conclusions; the goals keep changing; the governance complexity is growing; and your actions had better be on the mark. Your processes can’t hang with this pace and you can’t collaborate fast enough to get the brain power on the job. It’s worse than the game called “… more

3 Reasons You Should Consider Cognitive AI

| 2 years 5 months ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

By Jim Sinur Today, making a business or IT decision requires considering more information and contextual impact than ever before. The need for speed with increasing complexity has opened up the opportunity for technical assistance from Cognitive AI. This post will look into three of these factors and how cognitive powers can be applied to assist decision makers.     In the near future, Cognitive AI will assist decision makers, allowing them to get to their desired business outcomes faster than ever… more

Using AI to Respond to Business Opportunities and Threats

| 1 year 8 months ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

Source: Aragon Research By Jim Sinur Artificial Intelligence can be leveraged quickly for business strategy by seeking out important patterns inside and outside an organization, assisting with strategic moves, and suggesting the proper actions to take – whether that is taking advantage of a situation or avoiding a potential risk. To accomplish this, AI finds the patterns of interest, points out viable alternatives, and suggests courses of action in a significantly compressed time period. AI finds the… more

7 Predictions To Inform Your 2017 Digital Business Strategy

| 2 years 5 months ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

by Jim Sinur The new year promises opportunities for organizations that are aimed at better business outcomes which leverage digital technologies. 2016 was characterized by significant digital experimentation with intense customer focus and increased operational efficiency.  These themes will continue and be amplified in 2017 along with better security, better business adaptation, and more convergence of digital technologies while seeking a bigger set of digital benefits.     Here are my top 7… more

Leverage Artificial Intelligence in 2017 to Drive Digital Efforts

| 2 years 5 months ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

by Jim Sinur It’s a given that the number of devices are exploding and the signals, events, and patterns coming from these devices are just overwhelming. Responding quickly to all of these devices and their signals is the key to digital success. Imagine what you could do if you put the intelligence closer and even inside of these devices? Moving AI to the edge will be a major movement starting in 2017. What might this intelligence help? Here is my take on the opportunities to augment management in the… more

Leverage Cognitive AI to Make Smarter Decisions

| 2 years 5 months ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

by Jim Sinur The amount of data and information flying our way is almost too much to absorb. It’s even harder to optimize the understanding of that data and leverage it in the right way to make successful decisions. The digital world will only become increasingly complex and faster, so how can organizations and their executives survive and thrive?   AI should have a seat at your decision makers' table  Cognitive AI is here to help provide better explanations, assist with more predictions, and optimize… more

Emerging Technologies to Watch in 2017

| 2 years 4 months ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

By Chuck Brooks A few years back, The McKinsey Global Institute published an informative analysis that comprehensively examined the economic impact of global technology trends. The study was called “Disruptive Technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy.”  The McKinsey predictions were highly accurate. As we move ahead into another year of unprecedented technology advancement, it is useful to examine the trends & technologies and applied verticals that are… more