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Will The Next Pop Music Hit Be Completely AI Generated?

Taryn Southern TARYN SOUTHERN Nothing is more human than creativity. Humans have the ability to think, process and create original and beautiful poetry, literature, works of art and music. In particular, music is a powerful art that is as core to the human experience as communicating. However, recently, artificial intelligence has increasingly been making headway into some of the more creative pursuits, and music in particular. While currently humans are only capable to create music from scratch, it’s… more

How thredUP is Driving the Circular Fashion Movement with AI

Enabling Sustainability in Circular Fashion THREDUP Fresh on the heels of a $175 million raise, thredUP is poised to capitalize on the growing $24 billion second-hand market through its use of artificial intelligence to bring efficiencies and scale to every area of its operations , while fueling the circular fashion trend among traditional retail brands with the launch of its “resale as a service” offering. The company’s mission is to inspire a new generation of shoppers to think second hand first,… more

The End of Agile: A Rebuttal

Agile is one of those subjects that people have strong feelings for, pro or con. Here's a rebuttal to a post recently made about the end of Agile.GETTY Guest Column by Scott Heffield, VP of Innovation at Veracity Solutions [Author's Note: This was one of many rebuttals sent to me in the wake of my article The End of Agile (which is now hovering just under 300,000 hits). In the interest of discourse, I've decided to publish it.] However, since this IS my blog, I also decided to post a counter-rebuttal (… more

AI In Financial Services: Is Finance Ready For AutoML

This past month I attended the AI for Finance show in New York where I was the host for a one-hour “tech talk” on the subject of AutoML in the world of financial services. With over 150 people in attendance, the audience was able to provide some pointed input on the topic of AI in Financial Services, and especially around the need for AutoML solutions in the space. The results were both surprising and exciting. A Diverse Audience Let's start with who was in attendance. While this may not have been a vast… more

AI And Societal Impact - Addressing Large, Complex Unresolved Problems With AI

The idea that AI will conjure up an apocalyptic, robot-ruled future, where mechanical overlords govern humans is an extremely low probability event, even in the very distant future. In fact, not only are AI-driven interventions accelerating business outcomes – but AI is also helping nations around the world find new avenues for enabling positive social outcomes for their people. For all the evolution and development of humanity and technology over the years, our world still faces pressing systemic… more

Competing Above Their Weight Class With AI: A Case Study

Usually, the economy of scale, size, and reputation win the day, but this spunky and highly adaptive ad agency competes with AI plus better processes to put more pressure on the large ad agencies. I think this will be a trend in many industries with the upstarts starting to scare the incumbent “big dogs.” The Challenge The hourly agency model favors longer times and complex hierarchies to create more billable hours, and as a result, more clients are bringing this work in-house. This proves to be an… more

Revolutionizing Brick And Mortar Retail With Computer Vision

The advent of online shopping has massively reshaped the retail industry. However, this doesn’t mean that brick-and-mortar retail is dead. Many people still prefer to visit retail stores over online shopping. These people want to try out products such as clothes, furniture and cosmetics before buying them. And, at retail stores, customers do not have to wait for shipping or pay extra shipping costs. Also, retail stores make shopping experiences more human compared to online shopping, which is appreciated… more

AI Making Waves In News And Journalism

The business of communicating the happenings of society might seem to be something entirely human-centric. After all, what do machines care about what happens in the news? However, the journalism industry as a whole is highly dependent on technology. From ways of communicating instantly with news sources and content generated first-hand in image, video and text form, to the publication of content across an ever-increasing array of channels, technology is core to making the news and journalism industry buzz… more

The End of Agile

Agile is a powerful methodology but in an increasingly data-driven world, it may not necessarily be the right one. GETTY I knew the end of Agile was coming when we started using hockey sticks. Every morning, at precisely eight o'clock, the team of developers and architects would stand around a room paneled in white boards and would begin passing around a toy hockey stick. When you received the hockey stick, you were supposed to launch into the litany: Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. I only wrote… more

Scaling the Reputation Economy: An Interview With Wesley Virgin

The new economy does not look like the old one. In many respects, we're seeing the true emergence of the reputation economy that had its vogue about ten years ago. In the economy that held sway through much of the twentieth century dictated that success came largely by having deep-pocketed investors and the ability to thread the gateways - in music, in art, in literature, even in life. There was always a middleman or three, and their function existed primarily to be paid their pound of flesh so that they… more