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The Future With Level 5 Autonomous Cars

Have you ever wondered about a future where fully autonomous cars dominate the roads, and how this will impact your life? How will the way we live, work, interact socially, and care for the needy, disabled and elderly change when we expect vehicles to be able to drive themselves safely from point to point and be beckoned at any time? A machine performing intelligent actions without human supervision is one of the long-time dreams for AI and is rapidly becoming closer to reality. Understanding the Levels… more

7 Types of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is probably the most complex and astounding creations of humanity yet. That is disregarding the fact that the field remains largely unexplored, which means that every amazing AI application that we see today represents merely the tip of the AI iceberg, as it were. While this fact may have been stated and restated numerous times, it is still hard to comprehensively gain perspective on the potential impact of AI in the future. The reason for this is the revolutionary impact that AI is… more

Can Space Robots Save Humanity?

Introduction Artificial intelligence (AI) is developing at an incredible rate and is rapidly catching up with human intelligence (HI). From the development of single-purpose narrow artificial intelligence (ANI) to artificial general intelligence (AGI), intelligent robots that can think, act and make decisions with or without humans on earth and beyond are soon to be a reality. As serious plans are made for more moon missions, asteroid mining and space colonization, the arrival of intelligent space robots … more

Differentiating with Algorithms: A Case Study

One can't go anywhere today without hearing about AI, but I would say that half of it is around projecting how AI will be affecting our future and the other half is about data focused approaches. While there is nothing wrong about these discussions and articles, most of us are more interested in the results of AI, which represents a family of approaches and algorithms in action to apply to business and everyday problems. Even though there are three major approaches to AI, this case study is all about the… more

Amazon Dives Deep into Reinforcement Learning

Machine learning is one of the cornerstones of artificial intelligence. If systems can’t learn, they can’t adapt or apply knowledge from one domain to another. Yet, machine learning is just a component of the overall goals of AI. Beyond machine learning, we still need ways to interact with the external environment, reason about things that are learned, and set goals that drive higher-order aspects of intelligence. Regardless of machine learning’s role in the overall context of AI, researchers and… more

Evolution Or Extinction: Where Will The Gene Editing Revolution Take Us

Introduction The gene editing revolution is here. While human evolutionary changes over the years happened naturally, slowly, and on their own timeline, recent advances in science and technology are on their way to fundamentally disrupt the very evolutionary process that has made us who we are as a species. Today, gene modification tools like CRISPR-Cas9 allow genetic material to be inserted, deleted, modified, or replaced, giving humans the ability to change DNA with precision. Understandably, the… more

How Far Are We From Achieving Artificial General Intelligence?

These days, when you browse the internet for news on artificial intelligence, you’ll find out about new AI that just managed to do something humans do, yet far better. Present day AI can detect cancers better than human doctors, build better AI algorithms than human developers, and beat the world champions at games like chess and Go. Instances like these may lead us to believe that perhaps, there's not a lot that artificial intelligence cannot do better than us humans. The realization of AI’s superior and… more

Government, An Integral Partner For Exploring Artificial Intelligence

On June 24, an upcoming conference will explore the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the public sectors. AI World Government will gather leaders across government, industry and academia to discuss the challenges and potential solutions of AI in automating our expanding digital world. The event is described as “a comprehensive three-day forum to educate and inform public sector agencies on the strategic and tactical benefits of deploying AI and cognitive technologies.” The topic of AI is… more

While We Wait For Artificial Superintelligence, Let's Make the Most of Augmented Intelligence

The increasing buzz of artificial intelligence in news and science fiction generally creates an illusion that machines might imitate and surpass human intelligence. However, that is only a type of artificial intelligence called artificial superintelligence. Artificial superintelligence is something that can be seen in sci-fi movies like Interstellar, where TARS assists the astronauts in their space mission along with having human-like conversations. However, there are other sci-fi fantasies like the one in… more

The Top Ten Strategic Security Risks Facing Humanity

Introduction Emerging technologies: quantum physics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, gene editing, artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, 3D printing, and more are dual in nature. While they bring the promise of fundamentally transforming the contested commons of the human ecosystem, these same disruptive technologies can enable the development of asymmetric, next-generation weapons and warfare for which no one is yet prepared. As the dual-use nature of these emerging technologies begins to re-write… more