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Is Global Healthcare Ready For Broad 5th Machine Age Technology Adoption?

Healthcare, growing to $10 Trillion US globally, lags behind nearly 80% of other industries in innovative technology adoption, and in fact, is at the bottom five across industries. However, this is about to change in the next three years. From the WEF Future of Jobs Report, by 2022, adoption forecasts include 87% big data, 87% biotech, 80% machine learning (a form of AI), 73% wearable technologies, 67% each for blockchain / IoT / AR-VR, 53% 3D printing, 47% stationary robots and 40% non-human robots. This… more

The Coming Corporate Brain Drain

Benny retired last week. There was a small party for him in the IT department, and everyone chipped in to get him an Apple Watch, the obligatory successor to the Gold Watch of yore. A couple of decades ago, he and his wife would go off on vacation, doing the travel thing for a bit before getting tired of stale camper funk and the Denny’s Over 55 Special Menu, though today, weak retirement portfolios and stealthy consumer inflation make it likely that they will not spend all that much time on vacation… more

How Privacy Laws Are Changing To Protect Personal Information

Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day. Much of this data consists of information that would allow people to be personally and individually identified (or, personal information). There are currently over 2 billion active Facebook users. Every minute, approximately half a million SnapChat users share photos while Instagram adds another 50,000 photos to that total. There are half a million tweets sent every minute. The amount of personal information that is being exchanged each day is… more

The Evolving Energy Ecosystem: Smart Grids To Smart Energy

Introduction For any nation, the energy ecosystem is fundamental to its progress and development. Since the energy industry drives economic growth, the power grid has always had a profound impact on a nation’s economic survival, security and sustainability. Now, supported by advances in emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things and more, the growing digitization, automation, communication, connectivity and decentralization are on their way to fundamentally… more

Board Rooms Strategies Redefined By Algorithms : AI For CXO Decision Making

For the past few years, Artificial Intelligence has initiated unlocking value gains through the automation and augmentation of routinized operational activity. But are we underestimating the potential of machine intelligence? Does it make sense to relegate a powerful technology to perform tactical tasks? Or can AI move further upstream and help corporate boards make more accurate strategic decisions? The possibility of AI to enable better decision-making has been heavily discounted thus far. However, with… more

The Rise Of Genetic Testing Companies And DNA Data Race

Introduction It is said that this is the best of times for direct to consumer (DTC) genetic testing companies, human disease genomics, and the launch of genomic data marketplaces. Due to advances in technology and the availability of cost-effective consumer genotyping kits, massive genomic data sets from human patients and controls are being created from across nations. As a result, it is not only the continued growth in the number of disease genes identified, but it will also advance a deepening of our… more

The Future Of Artificial Intelligence Tied To The Future Of Blockchain?

Introduction Since the beginning of modern times, each industrial revolution was driven by different automation. While factory machines and fossil fuels drove the previous industrial revolutions, the ongoing automation revolution is based on data-driven artificial intelligence (AI). Understanding its impact and what will be required to support the AI-driven automation revolution is a fundamental necessity. So, as we evaluate the impact and the support needed to harness this automation revolution, it… more

The Dawn Of A Data Labor Force

Data is the foundation of artificial intelligence-driven automation. Our data is becoming a valuable commodity to automation initiatives across nations: its governments, industries, organizations, and academia (NGIOA). Since data and information drive the value of artificial intelligence initiatives, the better the sources of data, the better the automation initiatives and resulting intelligence outcomes.Introduction So, it is quite interesting that most of our machine- learning systems today are being… more

Want to Transcend The E-Myth And Scale Your Business? Try AI.

Less than six months after launching my company I found myself at a diner with a friend. Over coffee, I began telling him about my recent successes — and struggles — as an entrepreneur. He stopped me. “Have you read The E-Myth?” I shook my head. “Then cancel everything you’re doing today and get yourself a copy. It’ll transform how you run your business.” I listened to his advice and immediately read Michael Gerber’s seminal work, The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do… more

How to Survive the Upcoming AI Tsunami

Like it or not we are all going to get inundated by AI, Robotics and Automation opportunities. As organizations or individuals, we will have to decide how we are going to respond. Since we can no longer count on AI going back into another “AI Winter” because it is not going away. We will have to decide on AI as a trend and each AI encounter we will be facing. Our choices on AI will either make us win or lose in the short term and the long run. What are the responses to AI we can exercise? Ignore AI You… more