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Managing Bias In AI: What Should Businesses Do?

GUEST POST WRITTEN BY Drew Roselli, Jeanna Matthews, Nisha Talagala The potential for efficiencies and improvements has attracted many companies to invest in AI [1][2]. However, the specter of bias and its potential to cause harm can negatively impact a company’s reputation. Algorithmic bias not only carries risks of legal exposure, but it can also cause sub-optimal performance. For example, bias in lending practices can lead to both financial losses when bias favors bad credit risks, and missed… more

Exploring The Impact Of AI In The Data Center

The fourth industrial revolution is giving rise to a data culture for accelerating digital transformation. Organizations are developing data-driven business models for utilizing data to its maximum potential. As a result, data has become an asset and a significant part of almost every business operation. Practically every organization has started implementing aggressive data collection and analysis for various applications. For this purpose, organizations deploy large data centers to store and process data… more

Microsoft Advances Historical UN AI for Good Global Summit

Jean-Philippe Courtois, EVP and President, Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing & Operations, provided a compelling vision with his opening keynote at the historical UN ITU AI for Good Global Summit (AI4G), hosted May 28-31, 2019 at UN ITU HQ, Geneva. Key themes in Jean-Philippe’s speech included these areas: AI provides incredible new opportunities to transform entire industries from retail, healthcare and energy to agriculture. You can see AI being used today enabling new generations of business… more

A Quantum Revolution Is Coming

Introduction Quantum physics, the study of the universe on an atomic scale, gives us a reference model to understand the human ecosystem in the discrete individual unit. It helps us understand how individual human behavior impacts collective systems and the security of humanity. Metaphorically, we can see this in how a particle can act both like a particle or a wave. The concept of entanglement is at the core of much of applied quantum physics. The commonly understood definition of entanglement says that… more

We're Closer to Westworld Than You Think: The (Near) Future of Entertainment

First, let me be clear I don’t mean participating in immersive theme parks, fighting, and/or copulating with AIs is the next step in entertainment (or ever will be.) Instead, as coauthor of the new book, Own the A.I. Revolution: Unlock Your Artificial Intelligence Strategy to Disrupt Your Competition, written with Neil Sahota, subject matter expert on artificial intelligence for the United Nations, I wish to draw your attention to what I am calling Screenwriting 2.0, brought to you by advances in AI. To… more

Predicting Hospitalization: Machine Learning Models On The Rise

Introduction Machine learning models are on the rise. This is due to their potential for advanced predictive analytics, which is creating many new opportunities for healthcare. From models that can predict chronic ailments like heart diseases or acute diseases like infections and intestinal disorders, the capability of machine learning to predict infectious as well as non-communicable diseases is on its way to delivering considerable benefits to doctors and hospitals. This is transformative as, over the… more

Delivering Business Value Through AI To Impact Top Line, Bottom Line And Unlock ROI

As is the case with investments in any other area of technology, AI needs to deliver demonstrable impact to business top line and bottom line. In today’s competitive landscape of business, enterprises are expected to measure the incremental ROI for every expense and every investment made – technology or otherwise. The case of Artificial Intelligence is no different. It is critical that technology and business leaders demand ROI impact for this technology in order to foster its growth and justify its… more

Imagine A Facebook Without Facebook: How A.I. Will Soon Disrupt Social Media

There is an episode in Black Mirror, the popular Netflix series, in which the scariness of today’s social media comes to life. We are used to hearing slogans from tech companies such as “Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.” Sounds innocuous enough, right? But as the main character discovers firsthand in the Nosedive episode, platforms designed to enhance social affiliation can be perverted to exaggerate our worst human impulses. To understand how social media could be used… more

The Race To Mine Space

Introduction As our planet contends with resource scarcity, a potential solution can be found by traversing the great unknown -- outer space. Metals, minerals and energy sources have been found to exist in near-infinite quantities within our solar system, and political and commercial interest in space mining is growing as the concept is increasingly becoming realistic and achievable. In 2017, a feasibility study by Laszlo Kestay, a research geologist at the U.S. Geological Survey's Astrogeology Science… more

AI's Increasing Strategic Importance with Governments

Many governments are seeing strategic value in artificial intelligence and are looking to incorporate machine learning and cognitive technologies to help deliver effective citizen services. Both local and national governments see AI as an economic driver but it will also have an impact on the workforce. With governments can leverage advanced intelligent technologies to enhance government services many current struggles of governments, such as budget and resource contracts, can be addressed. Public Sector… more