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IoT-C: The Intelligent Enterprise

By Kiran Garimella, Ph.D.  |  [2016] All physical objects are continuously broadcasting information about themselves. Objects don’t just sit there doing nothing even if they are lifeless entities; in fact, they are busily telling the universe who they are and what their properties are, whether anyone cares to “listen” or not. They are continuously broadcasting their existence and identity. A red apple sitting on the kitchen table, for example, is continuously broadcasting its color out to the universe. A… more

Artificial Intelligence Needs To Reset

By Hessie Jones   |  December 19, 2018  |  Source: CogWorld on FORBESHessie Jones is a Reporter from Toronto, and is a CoFounder of ArCompany I had the chance to interview my colleague at ArCompany, Karen Bennet, a seasoned engineering executive in platform technology, open and closed source systems and artificial intelligence technology. A former engineering lead from Yahoo!, and part of the original team who brought Red Hat to success, Karen evolved with the technological revolution, utilizing AI in… more

Ethical Concerns of AI

By Kathleen Walch  |  August 10, 2018Kathleen Walch is Co-Founder and Senior Analyst at Cognilytica Artificial Intelligence is seen by many as a great transformative tech and the possibilities seem almost limitless to what it can eventually do. Will AI systems one day drive us around? Do our laundry? Mow our lawn? Raise our kids? Fight wars? Kill humans? These questions make people shift from thinking purely about the functional capabilities to the ethics behind creating such powerful and potentially life… more

Road Rage against the Machines? Self-Driving Our Way Into 2019

By Calum Chace  |  December 18, 2018  | Source: CogWorld in FORBES Self-driving cars – or Autos, as I hope we’ll call them – passed several important milestones in 2018, and they will pass several more in 2019. The big one came at the end of the year, on December 5th: Google’s Autos spin-out Waymo launched the world’s first commercial self-driving taxi service, open to citizens in Phoenix, Arizona, who are not employees of the company and not bound by confidentiality agreements.   This service,… more

Why Enterprises Need To Focus On Decentralized AI

By Tarry Singh  |  December 12, 2018  |  Source: CogWorld in FORBES Tweet this.. The need to standardize and meter the data centers and eventually charge the consumer with an RTP/RTB (Real-Time Pricing/Real-Time Billing) mechanism which is state-approved -- for the same reason I keep calling it RCC or Regulated Cloud Computing. Siren servers are like black holes. They are leading to an unsustainable situation economically (it's centralizing financial power), labor-wise (it's accumulating talent to… more

AI Related Announcements from Amazon's AWS Re:Invent 2018 Show

By Ron Schmelzer  |  December 6, 2018 | Source: CogWorld on FORBES The last week of November is always fully packed with companies working to squeeze in as much productivity as possible between Thanksgiving (in the US) and the winter holiday season. Amazon makes the most of this with their Amazon Web Services (AWS) Re:Invent show that continues to grow. In 2018, this year, almost 50,000 people made their way to Las Vegas to hear from AWS CEO Andy Jassy and key strategic leaders about the advancements AWS… more

Ethical AI? It's All About Perspective

By Neil Sahota  |  December 3, 2018  |  Source: CogWorld on FORBES In 2018, sex scandal after sex scandal seared the pages of our newspapers and digital screens. Hashtags, such as #timesup and #metoo, became rallying cries for harassed and disenfranchised women who found their voices with high-profile allegations. Likewise, as a result of marches in numerous countries, and record numbers of women running for office, 2018 has been dubbed The Year of the Woman. It also has been called The Year of AI. Ralph… more

Cognitive collaboration | Why humans and computers think better together

Source: Deloitte By Jim Guszcza, Harvey Lewis, Peter Evans-Greenwood January 23, 2017 Some have voiced fears that artificial intelligence could replace humans altogether. But that isn’t likely. A more valuable approach may be to view machine and human intelligence as complementary, with each bringing its own strengths to the table. Although artificial intelligence (AI) has experienced a number of  “springs” and “winters” in its roughly 60-year history, it is safe to expect the current AI spring to be… more

5 Myths About Cognitive

By Tom Davenport  |  A Deloitte Member Article |  March 31, 2018   A survey of early adopters helps correct some common misconceptions about artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is one of the most frequently discussed topics in business today, but even more than most new technologies, its promise is sometimes obscured by a set of lingering myths—particularly among those whose exposure to the technology has been limited. Professionals with first-hand experience have a different perspective,… more

Machine intelligence: Technology mimics human cognition to create value

By Nitin Mittal, Peter Lowes, Rajeev Ronanki, Jerry Wen, Sandeep Kumar Sharma  |  Source: Deloitte Artificial intelligence is only the beginning. CIOs are helping their organizations become more insight-driven, and a suite of fast-evolving cognitive tools is the key, from machine learning, deep learning, and advanced cognitive analytics to robotics process automation and bots. Artificial intelligence’s rapid evolution has given rise to myriad distinct—yet often misunderstood—AI capabilities such as… more