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Here's How AI Will Change The World Of Sports!

The movie Moneyball, among many things, can be considered as the prime example of data-driven performance optimization in sports. For those who haven’t watched the movie or read the book it is based on, it depicts the story of how the Oakland Athletics’ general manager, Billy Beane, used statistical data and analytics to build a competitive team despite the team’s small budget. His team, which was assembled by analyzing individual statistics of players, data mainly acquired free, went on to have an… more

Taxonomies, Ontologies And Machine Learning: The Future Of Knowledge Management

As an ontologist, I'm often asked about the distinctions between taxonomies and ontologies, and whether ontologies are replacing taxonomies. The second question is easy to answer "No." Both taxonomies and ontologies serve vital, and often complementary, roles ... if they are used right. Taxonomy is, to put it simply, a categorization scheme. Most readers should be familiar with a few critical taxonomies such as the Linnaeus Taxonomy used to represent how animals are related to one another, and the Dewey… more

Rise of the Smart Contract

The lowly contract, a staple of business transactions everywhere, is about to get a major facelift. The typical role of a contract to date has been largely testimonial: an agreement is made between two parties (identified in painstaking detail) on page one, with stipulations about what is to be delivered at what cost, and the penalties that accrue if one or the other party fails to live up to their part of the agreement. Once the appropriate John Hancocks are signed, a process that usually involves… more

AI And The Need For Increased Female Gender Participation In Its Development

There is a critical need for female gender participation in overall artificial intelligence creation and development. This article is Part 2 of a 2 part series. Here is Part 1. Considering all the exciting information and news about the relevance and imminent take-over of artificial intelligence, it is important to also consider a germane factor that will influence operations of the technology, overall. The insignificant level of female participation in AI development continues to be an issue of concern.… more

The Achilles' Heel Of AI

Garbage in is garbage out. There’s no saying truer in computer science, and especially is the case with artificial intelligence. machine-learning algorithms are very dependent on accurate, clean, and well-labeled training data to learn from so that they can produce accurate results. If you train your machine-learning models with garbage, it's no surprise you'll get garbage results. It's for this reason that the vast majority of the time spent during AI projects is during the data collection, cleaning,… more

Algocracy ~ Grace Jones / Slave to the Algorithm

Image credit: Depositphotos enhanced by CogWorld Powerful new technologies can produce great benefits, but they can often produce great harm. Artificial intelligence is no exception. People have numerous concerns about AI, including privacy, transparency, security, bias, inequality, isolation, oligopoly, and killer robots. One which perhaps gets less attention than it deserves is algocracy.  Decisions about the allocation of resources are being made all the time in societies, on scales both large and… more

Does AI Ethics Have A Bad Name?

Amid all the talk of robots and artificial intelligence stealing our jobs, there is one industry that is benefiting mightily from the dramatic improvements in AI: the AI ethics industry. Members of the AI ethics community are very active on Twitter and the blogosphere, and they congregate in real life at conferences in places like Dubai and Puerto Rico. Their task is important: they want to make the world a better place, and there is a pretty good chance that they will succeed, at least in part. But have… more

The Evolution Of Smart Cities

Smart cities using data captured by the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and processed with artificial intelligence (AI) are all the rage today among cities. Promoters tout the benefits these data-driven utopias, but as an urban planner, I tend to be skeptical of marketing hype. In the past, urban innovations painted visions that masked their real intentions and results. Urban renewal was sold as “garden cities,” but became black removal. Redevelopment during the 1980s eliminated small businesses and poor… more

AI Economy Will Further Accelerate The Pace Of Innovation

TWEET THIS If your company is not investing heavily in data-driven intelligence, then it will not last the next decade. Here where technology has made it possible for us to see how the right drugs, programmed drugs or cells could save humanity's worst curse.   Technological Innovation - why is it speeding up? I've been writing on Linkedin occasionally and thought of summarizing some massively trending posts that might help explain my motivation for posting these mini-videos. Trending Video #1… more

How Will AI Help Me?

We hear a lot about how AI is progressing well these days and how it will help companies with all kinds of efforts from assisting customer-pleasing experiences to implementing massive automation efforts. Well, it looks like AI will make it this time and there is a low probability that there will be another AI winter coming. So now we all have to deal with living with AI. I have been contemplating working with AI in my life, so I question how will AI help me and how do I work with it? Will it be like other… more