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The Role Of Smart Grids And AI In The Race To Zero Emissions

The term “smart grid” encompasses much more than just power delivery, though that is an important factor. At its core, the main pillar of a smart grid is a two-way connection of energy and information, but it goes much deeper than that. For maximum effectiveness and efficiency, a smart grid infrastructure should also include two more pillars: distributed generation and AI. According to Harvard’s Science in the News, the current power plant system in the US was “not built to accommodate the diversification… more

When Graphs Collide: The Coming Merger Of Property And Semantic Graphs

For most of us, the word graph brings back memories (not always pleasant) of pencils and rulers and quadrille ruled paper, though a more recent generation may think instead of pie and bar charts produced in Excel from spreadsheets. However, in the last few years, another form of graph, one that goes back to a whole branch of mathematics called graph theory, is beginning to have a huge impact in business, science and the world of artificial intelligence. A graph database is a class of data store that has… more

Hacking Our Identity: The Emerging Threats from Biometric Technology

Introduction Humans cannot exist without systems of meaning and having an identity. Over the years, human identity has been represented by a complex set of many external variables: family, community, ethnicity, nationality, religion, philosophy, science, occupation and so on. We are now moving towards internal variables of a human body: biometric indicators for human identity authentication. As seen across nations, biometrics technology driven human identity authentication applications are taking off.… more

The Future Of Sales: What If The Best Salesperson Is A Robot?

In a recent episode of Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver tackled growing fears surrounding job displacement due to automation. “What do you want to do when you grow up?” he asked a bevy of adorable four and five-year-olds who supplied the typical answers: pilot, lawyer, doctor — and of course, mermaid doctor. Pouring water on these little kids’ dreams — and those of adults alike, Oliver cited an alarming University of Oxford study predicting up to 50 percent of human jobs are at risk of being usurped by… more

How AI Can And Will Predict Disasters

Recently, the regions around the Dead Sea in Jordan were flooded, causing the death of 21 children who were on a school trip, and injuring 35 more. Such disasters affect millions of people every year and cause property damage worth hundreds of billions. In 2017 alone, almost 335 natural disasters have affected more than 95.6 million people, and killed 9,697, costing around US $335 billion. But, the impact of these phenomena can be reduced if we were able to predict their occurrence. AI-powered systems can… more

Why Data Scientists Are Crucial For AI Transformation

Fast forward 2018 and today every CEO, CIO, CDO, CMO is seeking answers to questions that don't exist yet.Data scientists solve complex data problems through employing deep expertise in some scientific discipline. Why do you need Data Scientists in 2018? Until a few years ago, the work of data scientists was isolated and mattered primarily for research and/or R&D purposes. The industry has been extremely thankful forthe contributions of these clever individuals, but we need them now in the… more

AI Cannibalization: With Google Hotel Search, The Battle For Consumers Will Only Intensify

Is Your Data Sleeping? I just returned after delivering a cool keynote on Data Science in Athens, Greece to many IT and Business Managers. It was great to have interacted personally with both engineers and managers of companies across Europe One question a manager asked me in private: “We are a large company and have hundreds of thousands of clients across the globe. There is so much data but how can I derive insights and eventually make some meaningful projects that can help drive sales and improve our… more

Society Desperately Needs an Alternative Web

I see a society that is crumbling. The rampant technology is simultaneously capsizing industries that were previously the bread and butter of economic growth. The working man and woman have felt its effects as wages stagnate and employment opportunities remain fewer amidst a progressively automated economy. Increasing wage inequality and financial vulnerability have given rise to populism, and the domino effects are spreading. People are angry. They demand fairness and are threatened by policies and… more

Are Machines Conscious?

Introduction Even though neuroscience has made amazing advances, the origin of consciousness in humans -- and its nature and processes -- still remain largely unknown; the underlying physiological mechanisms of generating conscious beings are still not clearly understood. However, with the advances in brain mapping and neuroscience, we are perhaps much closer to finally understanding the fundamentals of consciousness in humans than ever before. It is said that what we cannot create we do not understand.… more

Here's How AI Will Change The World Of Sports!

The movie Moneyball, among many things, can be considered as the prime example of data-driven performance optimization in sports. For those who haven’t watched the movie or read the book it is based on, it depicts the story of how the Oakland Athletics’ general manager, Billy Beane, used statistical data and analytics to build a competitive team despite the team’s small budget. His team, which was assembled by analyzing individual statistics of players, data mainly acquired free, went on to have an… more