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Life 3.0 and Biohacking: Rewriting Human Life in the Digital Age

​​I. Setting the Stage Healthcare is a rare bird. We can neither disregard it nor make it cheap, simple and safe (Fernandez et al., 2012). In fact, we globally spend more than 10% of the GDP in healthcare and about $1,000 per capita every year (World Health Organization, 2018). But this is not the whole story: approved drugs halve every 9 years (i.e., Eroom’s Law); population aged over 60 years is expected to grow by 56% over the next ten years (TM Capital, 2017); the workforce to meet patients demand is… more

Ontologies: Borrow, Build or Buy

Semantics provides a way of defining the languages that you use for describing your business or organizational processes, for describing domains of knowledge, and for managing processes and resources at a global level. Central to this is the concept of an ontology - a specific data model (or set of interconnected models) that serve to provide the metadata to accomplish those semantics. I'm not, in this article, going to talk about what exactly an ontology is (cf. link to ontology article). For now, it's… more

Trends Towards A Smart Future

Introduction Smart technology is on its way challenging, convincing and converting the human ecosystem in cyberspace, aquaspace, geospace and space (CAGS). As smart technology today enables humans in many ways to define and determine our ecosystem beyond CAGS, it is essential to understand and evaluate its impact on nations in the coming tomorrow. Today, smart technology drives smartphones, smart cars, smart homes, smart grids, smart infrastructure, smart cities, and the like. As a result, the smart… more

Public Private Partnerships And The Cybersecurity Challenge Of Protecting Critical Infrastructure

In the U.S., most of the critical infrastructure, including defense, oil and gas, electric power grids, health care, utilities, communications, transportation, education, banking and finance, is owned by the private sector (about 85 percent according to DHS) and regulated by the public sector. The public and private relationship in operating and protecting critical infrastructure requires a strong working partnership. Protecting the critical infrastructure poses a difficult challenge because democratic… more

Is AI Data Driven, Algorithm Driven, or Process Driven?

There are those that think that data is the oil of AI and the focus should be clean data, data science and deep understanding of what the data means. There are those that say data is meaningless without context that can be with other data, models/algorithms or processes. Let’s explore the arguments in a concise fashion to discover the advantage of each view. The Case for Data Driven Data is the starting point, as it is a very useful asset. True or not, it is assumed that data carries knowledge and that… more

Is This Real Or Just Fantasy? Establishing Truth And Trust In AI Solutions

Do You Trust a Machine?  Like most things in life, the answer is probably: “it depends.” We would probably trust a machine to maintain room temperature, find us a restaurant, or even fly a plane. But how about provide healthcare services? Or drive a car? One of the most fundamental values of doing business and providing value to customers is trust, and artificial intelligence is the most-heavily debated technology regarding ethical concerns and related trust issues. That’s why truth and trust in… more

Data-Driven VCs: Who Is Using AI To Be A Better (And Smarter) Investor

I. A Data-driven What? The ones of you who know me are very well aware that if there is something which has sort of obsessed me for the last few years, this is definitely how to use analytics and AI to improve the venture industry. While I tended to focus on scouting and evaluation, I learned that AI can be also used to spot general trends, identify market gaps, improve VCs portfolio management, better match co-investors and deals, gather intelligence on competitors’ landscape, identifying potential… more

Hiring A Data Scientist: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

I recently came across this job description for a data scientist (anonymized to protect the innocent) Responsibilities: Translate business requirements into machine learning product. Architect and Build machine learning software products for our core business. Communicate with business owners the strategy and rationale, define and execute a project plan Lead all aspects of ML automation including model training and development, feature selection and model tuning. Develop production… more

The Coming Clash Of The Contested Commons

Introduction The contested commons are growing in number and nature. In addition to geospace, space, and aquaspace (Risk Group terminology for maritime areas), cyberspace is also now a contested common. While no nation owns or controls these contested commons, over the years, the order in geospace, space, and aquaspace was effectively managed. However, the emergence of cyberspace has fundamentally disrupted the global order. Cyberspace brings nations substantial strategic value. Today, any nation with… more

So How Goes That AI Spring?

While AI hasn’t reached its full potential or its eventual impact yet, AI is making good progress in many directions simultaneously. Let’s examine some of the progress to date. While I’m sure that AI is adding value, I’m also sure there is more progress that is not visible yet as it is in the labs or being pioneered in several scientific avenues. Let’s look at the value add of AI to date. Turning Data into Knowledge AI is contributing to digesting large amounts of fast or slow data to create information… more