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San Francisco, CA, 94105

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At Coseer we believe that humans should focus on creativity and judgment while technology takes care of everything routine. Coseer brings advanced AI, NLP and cognitive sciences to day-to-day workflows that are based on natural language or unstructured data. Such workflows are automated, accelerated, expanded to unprecedented breadth and depth, and usually change business processes around them fundamentally.

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We build tactical cognitive computing technology that handles the boring stuff so that humans can focus on creativity and judgment.Our enterprise software completes large, complex workflows just like a team of humans, but within an instant. Our products can be specifically configured and trained for your problem.

  • Process millions of inputs to deliver actionable insights on a single page.
  • Expose knowledge in your documents via a personalized interface like a chatbot.
  • Answer specific questions or look for specific information from any source.
  • Utilize a combination of capabilities to automate any language driven workflow.

Competitive Advantage:

We follow a tactical approach to cognitive computing:

* We deliver 95-98% accurate solutions within 4-12 weeks
* We are priced for a varying scale, esp. when compared with our competitors like IBM Watson
* (Technical) We don't need vast sets of Homogenous Labelled Data to train

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Cognitive computing should be a technology accessible to every team in the enterprise world.