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Since 2001, Cougaar Software, Inc. (CSI) has leveraged Cognitive Computing technology to solve complex problems and improve our clients’ decision making. Whether on the battlefield or in the boardroom, today’s leaders are inundated by a deluge of data. CSI’s Cognitive Computing solutions exceed the capabilities of prevailing analytics tools by comprehensively modeling business processes and emulating the human cognition decision-making process. The result is unprecedented situational understanding and comprehensive Intelligent Decision Support.

Our mission is to solve some of the world’s most difficult and complex organizational and systems problems through the application of distributed intelligent agent technology… and in doing so, we advance the science of cognitive computing and the technology of agents towards realizing the power and true potential of artificial intelligence.

CSI’s Cognitive Computing approach uses intelligent software agents to rapidly integrate dynamic and complex circumstances, turning data into actionable knowledge. Intelligent agents are distributed across the system, constantly and autonomously ingesting and reasoning over extensive data in order to provide alerts and recommendations to human
users. Decision makers are enabled to understand, decide and act faster with greater confidence in their decisions.

CSI’s core technology, ActiveEdge®, provides a platform for the development and deployment of distributed Intelligent Decision Support capabilities that manage complex problems. CSI has successfully applied ActiveEdge to various command and control, supervisory system and supply chain problem sets. The resulting intelligent automation, reasoning and learning applications provide industry-leading resource allocation, scheduling optimization and predictive analytics.

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A small, veteran-owned software R&D company that provides advanced agent-based AI decision support systems to the US military and government sectors.  CSI solutions represent some of the most advanced intelligent planning, reasoning, execution and automation capabilities available in the market today.  CSI solutions focus on the domains of Command & Control, Logistics and Supervisory Control.  CSI is actively pursuing the technologies, architectures, and approaches that will help realize the DoD Third Offset Strategy for Autonomy at Rest.

CSI develops innovative strategies to simplify complexity and improve decisions by leveraging the power of Cognitive Computing technology. CSI’s Intelligent Decision Support services include advanced engineering support in the 
form of technology consulting, software engineering, and R&D.

Competitive Advantage:

CSI is developing the 4 elements of AI called the ‘The Cougaar Way’:

• Architecture / Technology - the realizing the architecture structure, patterns and component technologies that make our way of solving problems possible
• Methodology - the concepts, patterns, techniques and processes that make our way of solving problems repeatable, scalable and manageable
• Tools - the user-centric tools which make our way of solving problems efficient and effective
• Training and Education - the means pass on the skills and knowledge

CSI's commercial platform, ActiveEdge® is an enhanced and extended Agent-based AI development platform built upon the Open Source Cognitive Agent Architecture (COUGAAR), originally developed under DARPA, with over $150M invested in the technology across two programs.

The benefits of AI-based Autonomy Solutions include:
• Faster, Higher Fidelity Planning
• Reduced Cognitive Load
• Seamless Planning and Execution Monitoring
• Automated Supervisory Control of Systems and Devices
• More Efficient Use of Time and Resources
• Empowering People to Make Better Decisions Faster

Summary of Best Use Cases:

We have many. Please inquire.