Hessie Jones

Hessie Jones, specialist, is a seasoned digital strategist, author, tech geek and data junkie. She has spent the last 17 years on the internet in online publishing, banking, digital advertising and tech startups like Yahoo! Citi, Aegis Media, Cerebri AI, Humans for AI, and Rapp Collins. Hessie is the author of EVOLVE: Marketing (as we know it) is Doomed!. As a marketer, she saw things change rapidly when search and social started to change the game for advertising and decided to figure out how the new market dynamics would change corporate environments forever: in process, in culture and in mindset. She launched her own business, ArCompany advocating business transformation through social intelligence. Hessie is currently the Cofounder of Salsa AI, a non profit organization, bringing Artificial Intelligence to everyone by developing an open source AI research and development platform.