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Kogentix delivers Practical AI Fueled by Big Data

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CogWorld Member Q & A with Peter Fingar and Kogentix CEO, Boyd Davis

Kogentix is uniquely qualified to provide the technology and expertise required for clients to realize an ambitious vision of establishing a big data platform and delivering a broad range of capabilities and use cases. At our core, Kogentix is a software company – we deliver applications that create business impact. The business model for many traditional consulting firms is to staff the maximum number of consultants for the the longest possible time. Kogentix has a different approach. We have an exceptionally talented professional services team, but our flagship application, Kogentix Automated Machine Learning Platform (AMP), combined with software tools and accelerators enables us to minimize the staffing required while delivering rapid results. More importantly, when our projects are concluded, our software enables customers to be self-sufficient and continue the innovation journey without the need for our consulting team.

We offer 4 key differentiators summarized below:

1. The Kogentix Automated Machine Learning Platform (AMP)
2. Tools and accelerators for legacy migration and cloud deployment
3. A unique combination of skills including data engineering, data science, and application delivery
4. Executive focus and commitment from a company still led by its founders