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GTOP Group intends to help make the world a safer place by reducing risk & improving intelligence through the use of superior technology.

MediaMaestroTM is a revolutionary new and unique preventative threat detection, risk analysis and mitigation technology. GT’s proprietary unique software uses its patent pending Cognitive Intelligence technology to rapidly review and identify potential terrorist situations to enable security analysts to have a better chance to prevent an incident. Our motion and activity detection feature with behavioral pattern analysis identifies movement anomalies that are consistent with potential threat activity. This enables preventative action to be implemented.
We do this by identifying triggering video information and combining it with all available data from the internet, social media, satellite data, and security databases about individuals and organizations, and put this on one screen so the security analyst can decide quickly if the problem requires immediate action. By giving this tool to the security personnel, GT believes the threat of a successful terrorist attack can be reduced.

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Media Management with AI & auto-risk assessment across multiple sources providing actionable intel within a single pane of glass

The key to preventive action comes from the smart curation and analysis to assist the analyst in real-time detection of a potential problem before it occurs; control and connect across the full Intelligence Cycle

What MediaMaestro Does

GTop Group Inc. (GTop) is a Delaware Corporation with headquarters in New York, and was founded with one driving goal: make the world a safer place by reducing risk and improving intelligence through the use of superior technology.

Our group has their background in leading edge broadcast media management coupled with deep knowledge in Cognitive Intelligence technology that differentiates them from anything in public or private security technology. The platform can also be used by researchers suffering from “Tab Fatigue” caused by toggling between multiple applications for each data type and format.

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National security, public safety, the Intelligence Community, law enforcement, and corporate and private security management have all publicly agreed that one of the critical challenges they face is processing and effectively using all the media and data captured by satellite, UAV’s, body, in-car and security cameras. Our research shows there are currently no available solutions in the market providing this rapid integration and coordination of the vast amounts of multimedia data in real-time to successfully monitor and/or respond to multipoint threats, much less predict them.

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Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere - Albert Einstein

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Orchestrate, Curate, Visualize, Act

MediaMaestro is the first Anti-Terrorism and Situational Awareness technology platform that merges award-winning broadcast video technology with cognitive intelligence technology used by the military to create unprecedented, preventative threat detection.

The collection of information is critical, but it is only a first step. Partnering with Veloxiti and Pronology, MediaMaestro set out to design and provide the advantage we needed to get out in front of threats and prevent the unthinkable. Together we connect the dots across multiple sources, multiple events, and multiple data and media types to prevent security breaches or the next global tragedy.

MediaMaestro Cognitive Intelligence

The MediaMaestro founders, GTop Group founders, and founding partners bring a wealth of knowledge and decades of award winning expertise in leading edge broadcast media technology and Cognitive Intelligence.