Ahmed El Adl, Ph.D.

Ahmed El Adl, Ph.D., a columnist and advisor, is an intelligent technology thought leader and change agent. Dr. El Adl is a Chief Technologist for artificial intelligence and smart industry solutions with Accenture. He creates and applies new technologies to accelerate the cognitive digital transformation of business, solutions, machines and digital services. To enable these transformations, he helps companies define and implement Intelligent Enterprise strategies and products. One of his key focus areas is the “Cognitive Digital Twins," which digitally represent, connect and augment all the lifecycle phases and functions of smart connected products in real-time. Digital Twins will increasingly become the architectural framework for everything we do. Dr. El Adl has a Ph.D. in robotics & AI/ML and post-doc research in biologically inspired machine learning architecture, neural networks and algorithms for mobile robotics systems. Formerly the global CTO for MFG industries with CSC (currently DXC Technologies), Global VP with SAP America and Director of Mobility/M2M with PwC.