Jayshree Pandya

Jayshree Pandya, Ph.D., contributor, is Founder of Risk Group & Host of Risk Roundup. Jayshree Pandya (née Bhatt), Founder and CEO of Risk Group LLC, is a scientist, a visionary, an expert in disruptive technologies and a globally recognized strategic security thought leader and influencer. She is actively engaged in driving the global discussions on existing and emerging technologies, technology transformation and nation preparedness. Her work focuses on the impact of existing and emerging technological innovations on nations, nation preparedness and the very survival, security and sustainability of humanity. She believes that the reality of the imminent technological and economic singularity necessitates that Darwin’s evolution theory, a theory that has evolved from natural selection to the survival of the fittest to symbiosis to mutualism be translated and scaled from micro to macro level and understood and evaluated from the perspective of the transformative and evolutionary changes seen across nations. Her research in this context evaluates the evolution of intelligence in all forms, researches strategic security risks emerging from disruptive innovations, reviews the diminishing capacities of the risk management infrastructure, points out the changing role of decision makers, defines dynamic decision-making approaches with machine intelligence, integrates all components of a nation: governments, industries, organizations and academia (NGIOA) and defines strategic security risks so that nations can improve the state of risk-resilience across cyberspace, geospace and space (CGS). As nations make a move from centralization towards decentralization, the re-defining and re-designing of systems at all levels evaluated in Dr. Pandya’s comprehensive research scholarship includes artificial intelligence, quantum computing, internet of things, blockchain virtual reality, synthetic biology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, gene editing and much more.