Molly Lavik

Molly Lavik has been instrumental in the formation of the sustainable business industry for the past decade, and for the last five years has also developed the world’s first conference at the intersection of artificial intelligence and the Entertainment/Media/Health and Wellness industries. Melding her love for sustainable business and the role of natural products in health and wellness, Molly shares her knowledge and unique perspective on the role biomimicry plays in artificial intelligence, which she refers to as “Natural Prodintelligence.”

Molly's approach is to analyze insights on mother nature’s role in natural product development combined with data science insights on natural products that exist today. Molly's interest lies in an adjacent perspective to artificial intelligence, known as natural intelligence, which explores how brain structures mimic human behaviors through time-sensitive learning and internal emotional systems. Her new blog will compare natural products development and the impact those products have on natural intelligence, and will apply the findings to artificial intelligence applications utilized by data scientists. 

Molly is exploring unique comparisons between how natural products are developed and how natural intelligence occurs in the human brain. The “Natural Prodintelligence” Blog will launch March 7, 2019 at Natural Product Expo where she will explore the top natural products in the world and apply her analyses in relation to natural intelligence.

Molly's work involves over two decades of coaching entrepreneurs, boards of directors and businesses seeking transformational advisory and product development services. Clients over the years include a sustainable business practices pioneer, and Brain2Bot, a consumer electronics industry company that designs robots using natural intelligence, Westin Hotels & Resorts, which involved testing and analyses of natural products, Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management and the Graduate School of Education and Psychology, DreamWorks Animation, as well as working with Hollywood Directors, and founders of artificial intelligence companies in the consumer electronics industry. In 2016, Molly co-founded the #AIShowBiz Summit to foster the development of AI the Entertainment/Media/Health & Wellness Industries ecosystem.