Rajeev Ronanki

Rajeev Ronanki, columnist, is SVP and Chief Digital Officer at Anthem. With over 20 years of healthcare and information technology experience, Rajeev is leading Anthem’s transformation to a Digital/AI-first enterprise. His approach is that of a think tank for an innovation-driven industry and for social change. Rajeev is also a builder of robots and drones.

Formerly at Deloitte, Rajeev was at the forefront of some of the most strategic initiatives on cognitive computing, analytics, and big data, and is the author of several key publications on these topics. He served as the lead for Deloitte’s innovation partnership program (IPP) with Singularity University, which provides a bridge for leveraging exponential technologies like artificial intelligence in the enterprise context.

Rajeev's extensive functional and technical depth makes him specifically qualified to lead complex business and IT initiatives.