Sheridan Tatsuno

Sheridan Tatsuno, columnist, is passionate about urban planning, writing (fiction/nonfiction), and VR (virtual reality). Sheridan is a Silicon Valley market researcher and breakthrough strategist who has helped raise $10M for 8 startups since 2000 and advised over 700 global tech companies since 1983, including major breakthroughs: Intel into processor (1985), "Intel Inside" (1992), Nokia's global launch (1994), AMD Japan's sales-doubling (1996), and AMD's sub-$1000 PC breakthrough (1997). His book, "In the Valley of Digital Dreams," discusses growing up and working in Silicon Valley's tech industry.

Sheridan authored 2 books made into TV documentaries: "The Technopolis Strategy" (Prentice Hall, 1986) produced as "Japan Dreaming" by Central Independent Television plc, London, 1991; "Created in Japan" (HarperCollins, 1990) used for Kyoto scenes in "The Creative Spirit," a 4-hour PBS series, 1992. He advised Steven Okazaki, who won the Best PBS Documentary (1980) for "Survivors" about A-bomb survivors in California.