SPECIALISTS (alphabetical order)

Fabio Bottacci

Fabio Bottacci, specialist, is founder and CEO of VINCI Digital and an Industrial IoT Expert Contributor at the World Economic Forum and at BNDES, the Brazilian Development Bank. Fabio is an Independent Trusted Advisor focused on the development of disruptive technologies to shape new "winning" business models.

Michael Doyle

Michael Doyle, specialist, accelerates customer education and engagement through both on and offline mediums. More to come on this specialist!

Eric Franzon

Eric Franzon, specialist, is a well-known Semantic Technology consultant, trainer, evangelist, journalist, community organizer, and business analyst. Eric regularly teaches and consults about Semantic Web and Linked Data concepts, as well as their use in SEO/SEM and enterprise applications. With more than 15 years in web development and smart data expertise, Eric has directed a daily publicatio… Read More

Hessie Jones

Hessie Jones, specialist, is a seasoned digital strategist, author, tech geek and data junkie. She has spent the last 17 years on the internet in online publishing, banking, digital advertising and tech startups like Yahoo! Citi, Aegis Media, Cerebri AI, Humans for AI, and Rapp Collins. Hessie is the author of EVOLVE: Marketing (as we know it) is Doomed!.

Taarini Kaur Dang

Taarini Kaur Dang, specialist, is a 14 year-old (8th grader) in Silicon Valley. An author, speaker and venture capitalist, Taarini's accomplishments to date include: -Youth and Female empowerment Champion -Venture Fellow at SoGal Ventures (VC Fund for Diverse Companies) -Invited Speaker at Several Tech Conferences such as Google Female Founders Summit, Collison conf, ATE… Read More

Neil Movold

Neil Movold, specialist, is passionate about knowledge leadership and amplifying human intelligence through the use of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing solutions. His mission is to help individuals and organisations to make their way through the digital transformation journey to harness knowledge (as a strategic asset), experience and networks to unlock the value that will drive… Read More

Sandra Ponce de Leon

Sandra Ponce de Leon, specialist, is a corporate and startup podcaster and co-host of Popping the Bubbl. Sandra is a long time Silicon Valley tech veteran, marketer, cofounder and lover of scintillating conversation. Popping the Bubbl offers a team of professional marketers and podcasters who collectively have recorded over 150 podcasts over the last 3 years, and 15 years of high tech and start… Read More

Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor, specialist, is developing a CIO community on CogWorld. Her expertise involves the development of innovative strategies for CIO’s to harness sustainable success in this exciting time of the evolving intelligent enterprise. Jess recognized the need for a critical shift in the way CIO’s must engage in their role today, both internally and externally, to create mutual value.