Taarini Kaur Dang

Taarini Kaur Dang, contributor, is a 14-year old girl (ninth-grade student) in Silicon Valley and a Forbes Author. She is a Venture Fellow at SoGal Ventures which is world’s first female millennial-led cross-border VC firm (NY, Singapore) investing in diverse startups. Taarini has created a Venture Capital firm called Dang Capital that invests in youth (below age 22) and female (any age) startups. She is also the Founder and CEO of Million Champs which is an organization to create a community of one million young entrepreneurs to change the world. As part of this effort, she has created a chat show called ‘Valley Teen Chat Show’ to bring Entrepreneurship and Leadership lessons from stellar CEOs and VCs - she has already interviewed John Chambers (Cisco ex-CEO), Tim Draper (top VC), Anand Kumar (Tata Communications CEO), Dheeraj Pandey (Nutanix CEO), Kamran Ziaee (CenturyLink CIO), Quinn Li (Head of Qualcomm Ventures) and several executives from SAP, TechStars, etc. The chat show is coming soon.

Taarini is the youngest person to win the Young American-Indian Award which she received from the Indian Ambassador to the US Navtej Sarna for her work in Entrepreneurship. She has written a book (The Young Aspiring Entrepreneur) which has a foreword from Intel Capital President Wendell Brooks and quotes from Stanford Professor Chuck Eesley, Intel’s Chief Diversity Officer Barbara Whye, Oracle ex-President Ray Lane and author Linda Swindling. She has been an invited speaker at top conferences, like Google Launchpad Female Founders Summit, Collision conference, TiECon, Women’s March, ATEA, etc. She has been the only speaker under the age of 18 at these conferences. She has been featured in media by Nasdaq, Mercury News, etc. Taarini is co-Founder of a female empowerment Instagram account called @ClassyWomenn which has ramped to 430k followers in 1 year across 10 countries. She answers questions privately from women around the world on their problems in life, eg how to fight domestic violence, how to tell parents to let girls continue their education instead of getting married, choose a STEM career, etc.

Taarini is also passionate about Robotics. She and her team are the winner of California State-level VEX IQ Robotics Championship. They represented USA in the VEX Robotics World Championship as 7th graders in April 2017 in Louisville, Kentucky. She has done an internship in 6th grade at a Silicon Valley startup called RageOn. She has finished an internship at Stanford University in summer of 2018 - she did research on Entrepreneurship models and paradigms while studying MIT/Stanford papers on these topics. Besides English, Taarini can speak and write basic Mandarin, and speak Hindi. She also learnt Latin for two years.

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Also, Taarini Dang was featured in Mercury News (view article). This authentic 14 year-old venture capitalist, author and speaker has her sights set to 'change the world.' We can all learn much from this young superpower!