Terence Mills

Terence Mills, columnist and advisor, is an entrepreneur, marketer, AI and mobile technology specialist, Terence has built eight global enterprises including executive management participation in two public companies, InteliData Technologies and SkyTel Corporation which sold to MCI for $1.8 billion. His ability to harness the power of artificial intelligence and mobile technology to support sound business goals is his secret weapon.

At Moonshot N.A., a leading cutting edge digital transformation technology company, Terence serves as CEO and Chief Creative Officer. At Moonshot N.A. we are helping clients do things that make what they already do better. The internet of things, cloud and mobile computing, AI and ubiquitous sensors providing endless streams of data and with evermore intelligent alogrithms, Moonshot N.A. is transforming nearly every aspect of their clients' business. Terence enjoys creating strategic, AI and mobile technologies that deliver amazing experiences, ignite conversation, activate communities, inform customers and influence key decision makers within industry.

As a six time CEO, Terence knows profitable enterprises are built by employing effective mobile and social strategies. Terence works with Fortune 1000 companies, TV personalities, and CEOs of globally recognized brands, guiding them to become social CEOs by establishing both their personal and company brand and aligning their business goals with a focused and profitable digital agenda.