Veloxiti, Inc.

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3650 Brookside Parkway, Suite #125
Alpharetta, GA 30022

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John Merrihew
770 518 4228
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Engineering Cognitive Solutions

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We changed our name from Applied Systems Intelligence to Veloxiti, signaling a shift in strategy, as we begin transferring nearly a half billion dollars worth of know-how and software tools to the commercial domain. We have helped transform defense sectors and now offer our tools and services to enterprise customers interested in productivity increases aided by augmented intelligence. Thinking software is cognitive.


Veloxiti is one of Georgia's Top 40 Innovative Companies

Veloxiti is a world leading software engineering firm prepared to augment your business with outstanding technology. Business teams rely on our human-centered techniques to enhance individual roles or global workforce to accomplish amazing goals. Our agent-based cognitive approach unites software and humans as a force multiplier in any industry. Protect your winning reputation by taking advantage of software that optimizes business so that you can do more with less. Our cognitive solutions development stack and experienced engineers are available to join your enterprise application team taking you beyond data with software that thinks.

Competitive Advantage:
We have the most mature technology and processes on the market today, due to our nearly 30 years of testing and evaluation in research projects across the full spectrum of government applications. We have completed or have ongoing, several commercial projects and have been referred to as 'true partners' to enable transformation with as little disruption as possible. References available upon request.
Summary of Best Use Cases:

Knowledge Engineering
Cognitive Engine
Associative Memory
Machine Learning

CASE STUDY: The Warfighter Associate: Decision-support software agent for the management of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) assets