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Making The Case For Remote Work

Is it time to skip the commute? GETTY I've been a digital nomad for a long time. In the 1990s, I began using one of the first wireless modems while publishing a technical newsletter and working on computer books. The signal was too weak to work from home, but the nearby Starbucks happened to be close enough to one of the transmitters that I could get by on my laptop. It, unfortunately, presaged a serious caffeine addiction that I'm still fighting today, but I loved the way that I could get several hours… more

Revolutionizing Sports With Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has penetrated various sectors like education, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. It was often overlooked in the sports domain by businesses as well as consumers, yet not anymore. The use of augmented reality in sports is bringing about significant changes in the way people consume and enjoy sporting events. It also provides valuable insights to professional players and coaches. This helps in improving their performances significantly. Businesses can capitalize on the vast market… more

Concerns Of AI And Bias Insights from AI4ALL’s Tess Posner

Tess Posner, CEO of AI4All AI4ALL Humans are naturally prone to having bias. External factors, opinions and feelings all help influence the decisions we make. Machine learning forms the core of modern AI systems, with deep learning algorithms being particularly popular. These algorithms are very data-hungry. Specifically, what makes these systems effective is a large quantity of good training data that is relevant to the area in which you’re trying to achieve some machine-learning objective. However, the… more

A Brexiteer Among The Robots - A Review Of “The AI Economy,” By Roger Bootle

Roger Bootle is not afraid to think and say unconventional things. He is that rare phenomenon: a professional economist who thinks that Brexit is a Good Idea. Indeed, he belongs to a group called Economists for Brexit, now renamed as Economists for Free Trade, which argues for a no-deal Brexit. Whatever you think of that, the economics consultancy that Bootle founded, Capital Economics, has been very successful financially, and in 2012 it was awarded the £250,000 Wolfson Economics Prize, the second most… more

AI and Blockchain: Double the Hype or Double the Value?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a market is full of hype, with vendors, customers, and press all speaking breathlessly about the capabilities for AI in general and their offerings specifically. Likewise, blockchain is also a widely hyped market, with technology providers and customers claiming all sorts of capabilities that may or may not be possible. Combining AI and blockchain then must be double the hype? On the other hand, AI is providing real, tangible value in many myriad ways we talk about every… more

The War for Human Talent Rages On (In Spite of AI)

Beware, we are told. Automation is coming, pant the breathless pundits warning of AI.-induced job loss. Ratcheting up the fear meter, presidential candidate Andrew Yang recently sounded the alarm for unprecedented employment gutting — not just among blue-collar professions, but white-collar jobs, too. Meanwhile, renowned studies paint a gloomy picture, one in which rapid A. advances kneecap our middle-class dreams, sapping the hopes of young people who are left to wonder: Will there be a job for me when I… more

Are We Heading For Another AI Winter Soon?

Are we headed for another AI winter? PIXABAY Artificial intelligence has been around since 1956 when the term was first coined. Those in the industry know that there has been previous hype and then disillusionment around AI. The period of decline of interest in AI is known in the industry as an AI winter and has happened twice before. An AI winter is a point at which research, investment and funding for AI goes into a period of decline and it’s hard to get funding for research or other projects that have… more

The AI-Enabled Future

The AI-Enabled Future COGNILYTICA The AI-Enabled Future The pace of artificial intelligence continues inexorably forward. Every day we see the continued development of new technologies, new applications, and greater investment in AI, machine learning, and the host of cognitive technologies. While we might be able to easily see how some of these technologies will be implemented in the short term, what does the future hold for the widespread adoption of AI? In the 1980s, the emergence of portable phones… more

Recent Research Utilizing AI For Early Detection Of Breast Cancer Has Doctors Rethinking The Human Role In Diagnosis

I've never really thought about how important personalized medical care is until I was diagnosed with breast cancer myself - it gets real personal real quick. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and also my anniversary of being diagnosed and now cancer-free! So, I felt it appropriate to focus on AI developments in early detection. I am healthy, active and do not have the gene for breast cancer. Matter of fact, on the human medical doctor prediction scale it was a 3% chance my abnormal mammogram… more

5 Tech Investors Discuss Why AI Companies Built By Diverse Teams Are A Better Bet

ZACKARY DRUCKER - THE GENDER SPECTRUM COLLECTION In the past few years, the lack of diversity in the technology startup ecosystem has become a well-known point of rightful criticism. The collective voices of women, people of color and LGBTQ founders and VCs has given this issue national attention, as well as exciting solutions.  Thanks to leaders like Backstage Capital to SoGal Ventures and other firms, investors and organizations, diversity in tech is not only becoming more common but also finally… more