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eFeature: Crossing the Cognitive Chasm, Circa 2017

Released May 3, 2017
Part 2 to be released in late September

Cognitive Computing, the AI redux, has arrived and all is changed, changed utterly. 

Traditional machine learning techniques need to be supervised by humans so they can learn. “Deep learning” is a new approach to have the system learn on its own, without intervention. Our lives and our work will never be the same. Get ready for cognitive computing, or else. 

While there are several resources for techies in the new world of cognitive computing, Cognitive World is the go-to resource for enterprise decision-makers, C-level executives responsible for the future of their companies. Delivered in business speak, not tech speak.

We've updated Joseph Schumpeter’s 1942 “creative destruction,” the “process of industrial mutation that revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one.” To wit, look at Amazon’s impact on the retail industries with the once new technology of e-commerce (remember Borders Bookstores?).  Now a new technology, cognitive technology, is driving creative destruction so it’s time to introduce the notion of “cognitive destruction” of established industries. 

Do you want to be the doer or the one done in? Read Peter Fingar's article.


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eFeature #1Crossing the Cognitive Chasm, Circa 2017, released, features articles from our Luminaries & Thought Leaders, and Editor-in-Chief Peter Fingar  introduces the notion of “cognitive destruction” of established industries.  

Specialized eFeatureAI Catches Up with the Law (act now to participate).

eFeature #2 ~ Part 2 of Crossing the Cognitive Chasm, Circa 2017; to be released in late September. 



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CogWorld Gets Cognitive

CogWorld Goes Cognitive

We're Integrating AI:
With iKnowCentral, CogWorld co-founder Dr. Kiran Garimella's company, we're applying AI to build dynamic visualizations and multiple taxonomies, with deep learning algorithms to facilitate a rich and precisely driven user experience. Members will have access to a variety of decision frameworks and content management models. And, the abstraction layer for corporate APIs enables integration of cognitive capabilities in a vendor-agnostic way so vendors and clients can connect with minimal overhead.

Columnist Articles

Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies for the Public Sector

By Chuck Brooks ~ We have entered a new technological era in commerce and it has also arrived in government. There are a variety of tech verticals to watch in the coming transformation, including..
Robot on keyboard

Robocalypse Now? Technology, Productivity and Employment

By Irving Wladawsky-Berger, Ph.D. ~ Is the Robocalypse upon us?, asked MIT economist David Autor in his presentation at a recent Forum of European central bankers.  
AI Driving Digital Customer Engagement: Part II

AI Driving Digital Customer Engagement: Part II

By Setrag Khoshafian, Ph.D. ~ In Part I of “AI Driving Digital Customer Engagement” we focused on the “Insight” part of the insight to action dynamics. In Part II we focus on the “Action” part. We’ll cover digitization of value streams and the digital transformation through AI-Assisted Work.
What’s really happening right now with chatbots

What’s really happening right now with chatbots

By Sanjit Dang ~ One night in Corvallis, with the Oregon State basketball team heading to its 14th straight loss of its season, the talk around the hotel bar moved from the television screen to a far different form of communication — chatbots.
LawGeex Legal AI Landscape

AI Catches Up with the Law

A CogWorld Special eFeature ~ AI Catches Up with the Law. Corporate legal departments have much to gain as AI enters their world.. starting with significant amounts of time that is no longer required in reviewing contracts and answering the most basic questions of the review process. 
Get Cognitive Now!

Get Cognitive Now!

By Tom Davenport ~ Three decades in the past, companies were wrestling with the implementation of enterprise-wide transaction systems. Two decades ago, many organizations were anxious to develop electronic commerce capabilities. A decade ago, most firms were just beginning to think about how to embrace advanced analytics for better decision-making. Today..
AI Driving Digital Customer Engagement: Part I

AI Driving Digital Customer Engagement: Part I

By Setrag Khoshafian, Ph.D. ~ There’s no doubt about it: Digital Technology has become an indispensable tool for driving customer engagement. For many companies, effective digital solutions are the foundation on which positive B2C, B2B, and B2B2C relationships are built.
Cognitive Pangea

From Silicon Valley to the Cognitive Pangea

By Vint Cerf, Ph.D. ~ What is it about the residents of Silicon Valley that encourages risk taking? I have often wondered about that and have reached an interesting, if possibly controversial conclusion. Thinking more generally about immigration, I considered my own family history. In the mid-late 1800s, my father's family emigrated from the Alsace-Lorraine region (variously French and German) to Kentucky.
The Driverless Car

Self-driving cars should leave us all unsettled. Here’s why.

By Vivek Wadhwa ~ It is a warm autumn morning, and I am walking through downtown Mountain View, Calif., when I see it. A small vehicle that looks like a cross between a golf cart and a Jetson-esque, bubble-topped spaceship glides to a stop at an intersection. Someone is sitting in the passenger seat, but no one seems to be sitting in the driver seat. How odd, I think. And then I realize I am looking at a Google car.
Crossing the Cognitive Chasm, Circa 2017

Crossing the Cognitive Chasm, Circa 2017

CogWorld eFeature #1 | By Peter Fingar and CogWord Luminaries & Thought Leaders ~ Many many pundits have made their predictions for cognitive technologies in 2017. Here we provide a sampling of links to those predictions. However, let’s also raise our perspective and look at the state of cognitive from a macro perspective. We can use Geoffrey Moore’s 1991 classic “Crossing the Chasm,” but update it with a parallel update to Joseph Schumpeter’s 1942 “creative destruction,” the “process of industrial mutation that revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one.” To wit, look at Amazon’s impact on the retail industries with the once new technology of e-commerce (remember Borders Bookstores?).
AI economy

The Simple, Economic Value of Artificial Intelligence

By Irving Wladawsky-Berger, Ph.D. ~ I recently attended a very interesting talk , - Exploring the Impact of Artificial Intelligence: Prediction versus Judgment, - by University of Toronto professor Avi Goldfarb. The talk was based on recent research conducted with his UoT colleagues Ajay Agrawal and Joshua Gans. In addition to an in-depth paper aimed at a research audience, they’ve explained their work in two more general interest articles, one in the Harvard Business Review and the second in the MIT Sloan Management Review.
Cognitive Curmudgeon - the AI Glass is Half Empty and it has a leak

The Cognitive Curmudgeon: the AI glass is half empty, and it has a leak

By Jim Stikeleather ~ The Jobless Economy. There have been decades of political and social debate (Glavas & Mish, 2014) on whether corporations should be considered property, responsible strictly to create wealth for their owners, or alternatively, as fictional persons who should incur the equivalent obligations to society as all its other members.
Cognitive OpenTech

Building Blocks to the Future: Cognitive OpenTech

By Jim Spohrer, Ph.D. ~ Part 1: Cognitive OpenTech Progress. Now consider the relative importance of big Data, Cloud compute power, and new Algorithms as a Service in making progress… we can call all these factors the DCAaaS drivers of progress.

The Cognitive Computing Era is Here: Are You Ready?

By Peter Fingar ~ The era of cognitive systems is dawning and building on today’s computer programming era. All machines, for now, require programming, and by definition programming does not allow for alternate scenarios that have not been programmed. To allow alternating outcomes would require going up a level, creating a self-learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) system.

The Cusp of Technological Transformation

By Chuck Brooks ~ If you read the MIT Technology Review, the DARPA website, and Google Futurist Ray Kurzweil on a regular basis, you will be provided daily insights into the trends of disruptive technological transformation. This notion translates to a new period in our history where we will be able to harness our technologies and control our destinies.
Cognitive Digital Twin

The Emergence of Cognitive Digital Physical Twins (CDPT) as the 21st Century Icons and Beacons

By Ahmed El Adl, Ph.D. ~ (Part 1) ...aiming to understand the overall concept of Cognitive Digital Twins (CDT) as the foundation for the next true-smart generation of machines, systems and businesses.
Speech Interface

Improving Speech Interface Implementations

By N.D. Ludlow ~ Do you remember the HAL-9000 computer saying “I’m sorry, Dave. I am afraid I can’t do that.” in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey? Speech Processing and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) has progressed in the last couple of decades into ubiquitous use today in nearly all smart phones. But how can we improve upon this technology’s use in our business applications?
Paul Roma Article - 1

Cognitive Computing: Five “I wish I would haves” to Avoid

By Paul Roma ~ Let’s talk about cognitive computing. After all, everybody else is, right? In fact, there’s so much chatter about cognitive, in the worlds of both academia and business, that your instincts probably tell you to ignore it as much as possible – to let everything cool down a bit so that we can recognize it for what it really is.
Time to Move

Time to move: From Interest to adoption of cognitive technology

By Tom Davenport and Paul Roma ~ When it comes to adoption of cognitive technology, some of the leading companies are progressing rapidly from the pilot project phase to the production application phase. Those on the sidelines would do well to move from interest to adoption of this impressive group of technologies.
Tom Davenport, Cognitive Technologies, BPM

Cognitive technologies all set to transform business processes

By Tom Davenport ~ Some cognitive technology vendors and customers are moving past the “science project” phase and using artificial intelligence (AI) to transform business processes. Now is the time for businesses to consider the areas suitable for AI and how they can help transform key processes.

Custom Content

iKnowCentral Interactive Visualizations

Interactive Embedded Visualizations

Interactive Embedded Visualizations ~ CogWorld co-founder Dr. Kiran Garimella's company iKnowCentral performs an excellent job at generating deep taxonomy representations, and API abstraction layers..
FORTUNE Branded Content

FORTUNE Branded Content Productions Focused on Artificial Intelligence

CogWorld represents FORTUNE ~ We create, distribute, house and promote actionable (custom) AI content valued by enterprise decision-makers, crafted by CogWorld content experts.
AGI - Kimera

AGI.. Still 50 Years Out?? Let’s See. Of course, a lot depends on how one defines it.

A CogWorld Custom Feature ~ Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is often shrouded in confusion ... what exactly is it? Consider “intelligence” in general, meaning to have the ability to reason..
Kogentix, Boyd Davis, Big Data, Peter Fingar

Big Data: Needles and Haystacks

A CogWorld Custom Feature ~ We’ve been loaded (and overloaded) with information about Big Data, and more recently, Cognitive Computing. I’ve researched and written a lot about these subjects. But recently...

Corporate Member Articles

Defining Your Requirements - Part 2

Delivering Big Data Advanced Analytics Clusters - Defining Your Requirements (PART 2)

CogWorld Corporate Member Article | Cloudera | By Darran Cooke, Services Delivery Manager, EMEA ~ Delivering Big Data Advanced Analytics - Clusters - Defining Your Requirements - Part 2; Project budgets are usually the primary driver in designing any IT solution, but it's a mindset the industry is steadily trying to move away from.
AI Tech Arc, 2017

The Aragon Research Technology Arc™ for Artificial Intelligence, 2017

CogWorld Partner Content | Aragon Research | By Adrian Bowles and Jim Lundy ~ Aragon Research introduces its 2017 Technology Arc™ for Artificial Intelligence. This inaugural edition features 31 technology and market profiles that are split between the emerging, adopting, and mature arcs.

Cognitive Planning Takes Logistics Optimization to New Heights…

CogWorld Corporate Member Article | Cougaar Software | By Dr. Todd Carrico ~ Logistics Optimization, typically under the discipline of Operations Research (OR), has been proven to save companies millions of dollars per year by improving various aspects of logistics planning and operations. In today’s dynamic complex, data rich world, new opportunities are emerging to enable Cognitive Logistics Optimization (CLO), taking optimization to new heights through context-aware reasoning and adaptive management enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhanced optimization techniques.
Data Lasagne

Delivering Big Data Advanced Analytics Clusters - Defining Your Requirements (PART 1)

CogWorld Corporate Member Article | Cloudera | By Darran Cooke, Services Delivery Manager, EMEA ~ Delivering Big Data Advanced Analytics - Clusters - Defining Your Requirements - Part 1; Project budgets are usually the primary driver in designing any IT solution, but it's a mindset the industry is steadily trying to move away from.

JPMC Delivers on a Visionary Machine Learning Future with Cloudera

CogWorld Corporate Member Article | Cloudera ~ At Cloudera, we aim to help organizations apply machine learning and advanced analytics to their most critical business problems. Whether that is detecting sepsis rates in hospital patients, identifying genetic variables that may manifest in future illnesses, detecting malicious behavior or access to customer information, or identifying the trends that predict underground child trafficking.

World-leading chip maker's insight into the Internet of Things

CogWorld Corporate Member Article | Treeline Interactive | By Tim Homuth and Joe Austin ~ Nordic Semiconductor is playing a key role in the future of electronics by providing ultra-low power (ULP) wireless chips that can run for long periods of time from power sources as small as watch batteries. But that’s just the beginning.
Speech and Language

Speech and Language...from Amazon to Toys and UAV's

CogWorld Corporate Member Article | Cobalt Speech | By Jeff Adams ~ In 2013, I was leading the top-secret speech and language group at Amazon, busy building what we called “Project Doppler”, and which would eventually be unveiled as the Amazon Echo. 
Coseer Member Article 1

First Steps to a Machine Brain

CogWorld Corporate Member Article | Coseer | By Praful Krishna ~ Complex Behavior versus Intelligence. The race to Artificial Intelligence is a grueling, sweaty marathon that human beings have been running for over 70 years. We’ve faced steep climb after climb, the gradients cranking higher every time we run into a new funding gap or technological roadblock.
A Million In Prevention

A Million In Prevention Can Be Worth Billions of Cure with Distributed AI Systems

CogWorld Corporate Member Article | Kyield | By Mark Montgomery ~ Every year, natural catastrophes (nat cat) are highly visible events that cause major damage across the world. In 2016 the cost of nat cats were estimated to be $175 billion, $50 billion of which were covered by insurance, reflecting severe financial losses for impacted areas.
Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation: A path to the cognitive enterprise

CogWorld Corporate Member Article | Deloitte | By David Schatsky, Craig Muraskin, Kaushik Iyengar ~ Bots can automate routine tasks and eliminate inefficiency, but what about higher-order work requiring judgment and perception? Developers are incorporating cognitive technologies, including machine learning and speech recognition, into robotic process automation—and giving bots new power.
Minds and Machines

Minds and machines: The art of forecasting in the age of artificial intelligence

Source: Deloitte | By Jim Guszcza and Nikhil Maddirala ~ The human/artificial intelligence (AI) relationship is just heating up. So when is AI better at predicting outcomes, and when are humans? What happens when you combine forces? And more broadly, what role will human judgment play as machines continue to evolve?
Cognitive Collaboration

Cognitive collaboration | Why humans and computers think better together

By Jim Guszcza, Harvey Lewis, Peter Evans-Greenwood | Deloitte ~ AI as a scientific discipline is commonly agreed to date back to a conference held at Dartmouth University in the summer of 1955. The conference was convened by John McCarthy, who coined the term “artificial intelligence,” defining it as the science of creating machines “with the ability to achieve goals in the world.”4 The Dartmouth Conference was attended by a who’s who of AI pioneers, including Claude Shannon, Alan Newell, Herbert Simon, and Marvin Minsky.
The Thinker and the Shopper

The Thinker and the Shopper

By Anupam Narula, David Schatsky, Ben Stiller, Robert Libbey | Deloitte ~ The time could be ripe for consumers and consumer products companies to embrace cognitive technologies, which can offer companies ways to deliver benefits to consumers to a greater degree than previously possible.

Video: Streamlining knowledge processes through cognitive automation

Beyond the human brain. Humans have long sought ways to expand the capabilities of the human brain. By bringing together a variety of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics process automation, and emerging capabilities, cognitive automation enables organizations to emulate and enhance the strength of the human mind.
Hype Busters

Hype busters: 5 things to know about robotics and cognitive automation

Everyone’s talking robotic process automation and cognitive automation (R&CA) these days. Not surprisingly, there’s a lot of...
SSON Analytics IA Universe Q1 2017

Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Capabilities, and Robotic Process Automation: How Intelligent Automation is Advancing Enterprise Performance

CogWorld Corporate Member Article | SSON | By Barbara Hodge ~ If there is one innovation that defines 2017 it is intelligent automation (IA) – and all it entails. New intelligent automation technology, which accesses data, processes it and then initiates actions – all the while “learning while doing” – is supporting enterprise decision-makers by providing a significantly improved quality of support services.
How to Make AI Think like Humans

How to Make AI Think like Humans

The entire discipline of cognitive computing is about making artificial intelligence emulate the cognitive processes humans are so used to.

Machine intelligence

Machine intelligence: Technology mimics human cognition to create value

CogWorld Corporate Member Article | Deloitte ~ Artificial intelligence is only the beginning. CIOs are helping their organizations become more insight-driven, and a suite of fast-evolving cognitive tools is the key..
Recent Trends in Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Recent Trends in Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

CogWorld Corporate Member Article | Kyield ~ Promise of spring reveals interesting hybrid variants. Those of us who have been through a few tech cycles have learned to be cautious...
What is Tactical Cognitive Computing

What is Tactical Cognitive Computing

Tactical Cognitive Computing brings the advanced sciences of cognitive computing to general purpose day-to-day applications without prohibitive costs.



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