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Avi Yaron: The Young Engineer, His Inoperable Brain Tumor and His Gift to Medicine - 2004, Avi Yaron, after the procedure with Dr. Ted Schwartz, Cornell. IBTIMES Imagine one instance that could thwart someone’s path forever. It was a path of urgency. Survival or death. The uncertain future was fueled by the agony of helplessness. This was how Avi Yaron, a young engineer, felt when fraught with the knowledge that his newfound brain tumor could alter his life forever. He was just 26 years old.… more

Increasing Investment in AI - Insights from an Interview with Sam Huang of BMW iVentures

Sam Huang, BMW iVentures SAM HUANG It takes more than technology to make businesses work. One of the most precious resources, besides the humans that run the organization, is capital to fund growth. In the areas at the edge of innovation, especially artificial intelligence, this capital is being used to prove that existing technology is capable of driving real business return as well as advance the state of the art to push the technology in ways not possible today. It is no surprise, then, that major… more

Using AI to Build a More Inclusive Workforce: An Interview with Lolita Taub

Lolita Taub is a force of nature - or perhaps more accurately, a force in technology. Growing up, she was told “tech is not for girls,” and in recent years, “VC is not for women.” However, these comments only further drove Taub to demonstrate that women, in fact, belong everywhere. Taub recently joined the Catalyte team as Chief of Staff. Catalyte uses artificial intelligence to identify individuals, regardless of background, who have the innate potential and cognitive ability to be great software… more

Tracking Cyber Warfare Patterns

Humans are pattern seekers and pattern trackers, and from patterns, we derive meaning. If we can’t track cyber warfare patterns, how well will we identify the survival and security risks coming our way? Introduction Along with geospace, aquaspace, and space, cyberspace is now a contested common, and its use as a digital battleground to wage digital warfare is rapidly strengthening. This rapidly shifting landscape of warfare — where emerging cyberweapons have become more deadly than real battlefield… more

Rethinking GDP And Wealth In The 21st Century

Professor Diane Coyle, leader of the Wealth Economy Project GETTY IMAGES Pity the GDP — the Gross Domestic Product. It is one of the hardest working statistics in government policy today, a single number that sums up the entirety of a country's productive capabilities. It is ubiquitous, quite often used to provide a country's economy compared to other economies when it comes to rallying the troops. Yet as a statistic, it is surprisingly poor as a means of actually measuring what it is supposed to measure… more

The Danger of Over-Valuing Machine Learning

Machine learning is a powerful tool in the AI toolbox, but its limitations must be understood to use effectively. GETTY Machine learning has become the latest darling of the IT marketing space, a secret sauce that is supposed to turbo-charge computers and brings us closer to the nirvana of artificial intelligence dominance …. or something like that. Like so much of what comes out of IT marketing, most of it is hype and deceptive hype at that. While there is a lot of power in what machine learning can do,… more

How AI Is Making Buildings Smart And Intelligent

For decades, technological innovation has been revolutionizing businesses, offering them innumerable long-term benefits and growth. Now, these technologies are set to transform structures that form the foundation of cities and their development. Comparing the buildings of the present to what they were even a few years ago will show massive changes. Modern buildings are more than just four walls and a roof. Building walls now even have ears and eyes, all thanks to digital technologies. According to studies… more

AI, Universities And The Knowledge Gap

When it comes to addressing the future of the artificial intelligence industry, few people are caught in the middle of every change and shift than academics pushing forward leading research at universities. Steve Kuyan of NYU and FutureLabs is at the crossroads of the future of academic research in AI is well as the business implementation side. He recently shared his unique insights and perspectives on what we might expect from the industry going forward. As AI continues to gain popularity due to its… more

Biobanking Is Changing The World

With the evolution of biobanks rapidly enabling the creation of massive collections of biological material and associated information, how are these collected terabytes of data transforming nations? Introduction Biobanking is here. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven process automation, data analytics, robotics, the internet, and other rapidly emerging technological advances are driving the revolution of biobanks, biorepositories and biospecimen science. With the evolution of biobanking from a simple… more

How Gen Z (and Gen AA) Are Reshaping the Economy

Time-shifting the Generations Bloomberg has lately been running a superb series about the generations growing up in the shadows of the Millennials. Go read it, though read mine as well, as I've been watching the emergence of this particular generation for a while, and disagree with a few of the conclusions that the Bloomberg articles make.First, a question of timing. The whole notion of generations came about due to the work of two sociologists — William Strauss and Neil Howe, in the 1991 book Generations… more