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Responsible AI Drives Execution

Global non-profit OceanMind uses AI to detect illegal and unregulated fishing, which helps authorities protect ocean life and promote sustainability. PHOTO: COURTESY MICROSOFT The AI for Good movement founded by the UN ITU AI for Good Global Summit (#AI4G) is having reverberations into powerful responsibility. AI4G has more than 150 projects in its AI repository. I’m providing my perspective on these programs where I’m donating time to many of them, including Microsoft, and thus have deep insights. Other… more

The Art Of Online Influence

Kurt Cagle | 17 hours 58 minutes ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

Welcome to the Influence economy, where digital marketing and savvy social media skills come together. GETTY If you ask the average person what an influencer is, they might describe a woman on Instagram posting photos in a bikini, holding a weight loss product and encouraging her followers to purchase it.  Several surveys conducted of young people around the world have stated that “Influencer” is one of the most desired career options that children and teens around the world aspire to pursue.  Although… more

When Steph Curry Has Your Back: The SnapTravel Story

Golden State Warriors' Steph Curry with Bryant Barr on stage at Disrupt | MARTINE PARIS It's not every day that an NBA great funds your company, shows off your swag at the NBA Finals, tweets about you to his 13.7 million Twitter followers, and pulls you on stage at Disrupt SF, one of the most popular tech startup events of the year, but that's exactly the dream that SnapTravel co-founder Hussein Fazal is living these days. “Since we launched two years ago, we've booked over a million nights and now have… more

Rethinking Weak Vs. Strong AI

Artificial intelligence has a broad range of ways in which it can be applied — from chatbots to predictive analytics, from recognition systems to autonomous vehicles, and many other patterns. However, there is also the big overarching goal of AI: to make a machine intelligent enough that it can handle any general cognitive task in any setting, just like our human brains. The general AI ecosystem classifies these AI efforts into two major buckets: weak (narrow) AI that is focused on one particular problem… more

Atomic Clocks, Universal Location and the Internet of Things

Fullerene with a captured nitrogen atom. EMILY COOPER, IEEE No matter where you go, there you are. Confucius, by way of Buckaroo Banzai A buckyball is a really cool thing - a roughly spherical cage of carbon created by taking sheets of graphene and heating them in special ways. The resulting structure looks a lot like a soccer ball with a mix of hexagons and pentagons and is also known as fullerene, after Buckminster Fuller, the inventor of tensegrity and geodesic domes. Fullerene has many useful… more

Making The Internet Of Things (IoT) More Intelligent With AI

02 April 2019, Lower Saxony, Hannover: A so-called learning factory with a conveyor belt for sorting products is located at the Fischertechnik stand at the Hanover Fair. From 1 to 5 April, everything at Hannover Messe will revolve around networking, PICTURE ALLIANCE VIA GETTY IMAGES According to IoT Analytics, there are over 17 Billion connected devices in the world as of 2018, with over 7 Billion of these “internet of things” (IoT) devices. The Internet of Things is the collection of those various… more

Retailers Have A Lot To Gain From AR and VR

The global market for VR and AR in retail will reach USD 1.6 billion by 2025. With such a huge potential market, retail businesses must look forward to adopting these technologies. The demand here will be substantial in the future as the implementation of these technologies enables businesses to grow and increase financial prospects. Implementation of AR and VR in retail helps retailers and consumers alike have a better shopping experience while reducing operating costs for retailers, and offering an… more

Preparing For The Next Recession

Recessions are an inevitable part of the business cycle. Preparing for them increases the likelihood that you can weather them. GETTY Talk of recession is very much in the news of late. It may or may not happen immediately, but there are several indicators that all tend to occur as an economy moves from clear sailing to stormy weather. The purpose of this article is not to predict where or when a recession will occur but provide some useful hints for what you can do to minimize the impact of a recession… more

The Rise of the Deep: Eric Topol’s Deep Medicine To Stand The Test Of Time

Deep Medicine to stand the test of time ALEX ZHAVORONKOV “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don't let yourself be lulled into inaction,” Bill Gates Since the massive public shows of artificial intelligence capabilities pioneered by IBM’s DeepBlue outperforming a human chess player and Watson beating human players in Jeopardy, the word “artificial intelligence” started making headlines. Many of these… more

Signatures 2.0

Signatures form the foundation of the current trust network, but they are a shaky foundation given the increasingly complex demands of determining identity. GETTY I have a confession to make. When I get contracts sent to me as PDFs, I do not normally print them out, sign them in ink, scan them back in, convert the images to PDF and send them back to the counterparty. Instead, I take a JPEG of my signature, paste it into the PDF in Adobe Acrobat, save the file, then sent it back. I wouldn’t even bother to… more